Food in a week

Food can b so amazing, no matter wat we r busy into, we always find out time to eat from simple to the most exotic food….but wen u dont have much options u gotta make the best of wat u have 🙂 I had sum yummies this last week First a healthy yummy breakfast…..


I know alot of ppl will says dats not healthy its a fried egg n buttered bread. But I feel that for an average person its good enough. But yes for someone who is trying to diet this may be a little toooo healthy hehe Then I had my fav cup of tea


Two teabags of lipton makes me a perfect strong tea to kickstart the day One of the evenings I went to dads for a night stay n we went out n gobbled on icecream


Scoop of chocolate & coffee, topped wid hard dark chocolate sauce n soft chocolate sauce & a little sprinkle of chocolate sprinkles, nuts n cookie 😀 *Slurp* Later for dinner I made hotdogs for me n dad


I started with cutting out the buns, I had cut a cheese slice in 3, n used 2 pieces of cheese in each hotdog. A little spread of mayo, just a thin line from one end to another of the bun. I tried to steam boil the sausage so it remain soft n juicy, only boiling makes it a lil dry I feel. Sooo I placed freshly steam boiled sausage in each hotdog over the cheese, helps it melt fast…. Then a fine line of ketchup and a zigzag of mustard (makes my hotdogs luk prettyyyyyy) oooh I also had a few frozen fries that I fried to go with the hotdogs…… Was fun! Another morning I was out for some work and grabbed a sandwich from Dunkins for hubby n myself


Wat else is better to celebrate a beautiful day wid Dunkins egg n cheese sandwich… I loveeeeee them but only once or twice a year… Too much will eventually make me luk like a donut :p We finally have some winters, I was enjoying an evening wid my mom in law…. The best drink I could find my self to enjoy the evening with was


Warm ovaltine wid a lil sprinkle of cocoa just to look good 😀 Wow my post makes me look like such a fatty lol. I just like to enjoy good flavors but offcourse in a limited quantity… I hate depriving my self and I feel we shouldn’t. If I feel like eating sumthing I will, in a quantity that wont harm much followed with extra 20 mins of walk:)

All I would say is that one should eat n stay healthy, dont deprive ur self but yes dont go over board as well:)


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