Traffic time fillers

Arghhhhh how I hate a traffic jam that too when I have to experience it twice in a day n that too without a book to kill my time 😦
I took my dad yesterday to his frirnds house who lives fairly far from where we do, same city just very far an area.
We left home by 2:30 pm I thought it will be good if we can visit and come back early but a usual 35 minutes way turned to 50 minutes. I dont mind the duration honestly but Wats worse is that the cars in 2 particular areas were sooooo slow. Literally we would move an inch n then a wait for 5 minutes, then an inch n then a wait for 10 minutes n so on.
But finally reached our destination by 4:15ish. Sat there for a lil while n then left at 4:58… Way back was much better comparatively untill we reached an area called ‘saddar’.
There I had to turn off the engine a couple of times since keeping it started was seriously no use.
The only good thing outta this was that I took some pics to kill time n they came out pretty good.


I loved the shades of that tree πŸ™‚


A pillar of some building


The long lines of cars


Also a cute donkey kong waited in the line, poor thing hehe

And finally the last pic


Same beautiful tree but a lil glimpse of the building behind was finally visible

I would have taken more pictures but there is always a chance of having ur cell phone snatched so I had to make sure I do it quickly lol I feel like a spy at times, take a pic quickly but no one should notice:p
Ps: its not that bad, we have just gotten used to the what if a snatcher factor n r always/ careful n prepared….. *smiles*

The cars started to move for 2 minutes n then a jam but cudnt take more pics coz it had gotten dark, n finally at 6:50ish we reached home….

I felt I cudnt walk wen I got outta car n am so sure that my left shoe would have had my toes imprinted on it, with all that clutch- ing

But oh well I cud finally say…. Yayyyyy home sweet home

What do u do in a long traffic line?


10 thoughts on “Traffic time fillers

  1. Loved the photos. I do hate being stuck in traffic. Most of the time I just try to keep my temper in check, while trying to find out what’s going on from a radio traffic report.

  2. These are some really nice photographs! Where do you live that you have donkeys in traffic!!?
    Since I use public transportation I don’t mind traffic so much, that time is spent reading! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Alex, i live in Karachi,Pakistan. Donkeys don’t usually come in the middle of traffic If at all, this is one area where every one wud just try to find a way how eva they can.
      I will make it a point to keep a book with me when eva i drive πŸ™‚

      • Karachi! How very cool!

        I always have a book with me, no matter what. Even in line at the supermarket I find the time to read a little. πŸ˜‰

      • That is seriously such a good habit, i usually start a book but take so long to finish, i think if i start to carry it with me, i might just b able to finish it much earlier hehe πŸ˜€

  3. I love that you got a photo of the donkey in traffic! That photo is priceless. I take a ton of photos while in the car and have a whole section of my blog dedicated to them. It’s surprising what see while driving in the car that make wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them all! I loved them!

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