Trip to Bangkok…. The Landing

Well here I am again, hope all have been well πŸ™‚ am gona b writing short posts about my days in Bangkok wid pictures for support, hope u guys will enjoy reading πŸ™‚

So after getting through the laguage being sent to the cargo, clearing the immigration n finding our gate number we finally seated wid a sandwich n juice waiting for boarding
My handcarry that I love so much, travels with me every where hehe


The flight was good but I hadn’t been well for the whole last week so I couldnt enjoy the flight as much as I wanted to
I couldn’t even enjoy the food on flight which otherwise I wud have loved to
Spend most of the time sleeping wid fever and blocked nose:( such a bad health for traveling

Finally tearing through the bed of clouds, I see the city below…. Decending slowly we landed on the beautiful land of Bangkok. Just as we landed, the sun had started to appear n the sight was just so amazing n soothing πŸ™‚


My best friend who lives there was at the airport wid her hubby to collect us. Omg I met her after 3 years, we just hugged eachother so hard,God it felt amazing πŸ™‚

Have you ever went through this, met ur best friend after 3years? How did it feel?


4 thoughts on “Trip to Bangkok…. The Landing

  1. Yes, living on the west coast I would go long periods of time w/o seeing my best friends. Especially Michelle up in Maine. I moved to CA in 1989 and visited her b/f I left. The next time I saw her was in 2000, briefly in 2001, again in 2005 and then 2011 when i moved back. Same with Liz; I saw her in 1989 and again in 2003 when she came to my dad’s funeral. Now I see her more often even though she’s in Vermont.

  2. I love seeing my old school friend – and it is always years between visits. When I say goodbye it is always with the feeling that we have not spent enough time together.

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