Happy 10 months to Coffee

Well well well….. time flies so quickly, feels like yeaterday wen I got a little almost 4 months old scared at new home coffee. She was sooo scared that she just wanted to sit behind ur legs, like a barrier to the entire world
We had a few diffrences but together me n her workd this relationship out 🙂
Still a few odds left but am sure we can handle them wid time
So today (6th Feb 2013) my darling coffee turned 10 months old


I was lucky to catch sum good pics of her, otherwise she was too excited to sit at one place for more then a few seconds hehe


All ready to shake hand


“Hey, am 10 months old today”


“C’mon mama take my thin side :p”


“yup dats me”




“ok enuff I need to go run, byeeee”

And this was the last pic I could take before she started to jump n dance

🙂 soooo happy for her, n I love her to bits


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