Pattaya Trip Day 1

1st Jan 2013
New year was great, we came home early n packed our bags for 2 days stay in Pattaya n slept for an early start. Morning we were all ready to leave, enjoyed the swing outside my friend’s house and took a pic of lush green garden till out Cab came to take us to the bus station.


Once at bus station, we took our tickets n settled in our seats in the bus, i was lucky to get frontal seat coz i am one of those who get motion sickness so any seats at the back are like not too good for me, got water for the way 😀Image

The ride was not that bad, i was sleeping most of the way. Finally reached Pattaya, got a taxi pickup that can accommodate atelast 8 comfortably. we were lucky to have just 6 with every one’s luggage it was comfortable enough and am sure there couldn’t have been room for another person. The pick up truck asked every one where they wanted to go and kept dropping off people as their hotels approached
i didn’t take a pic of that pickup so picked it form the web for posting here


The pickup dropped us to our hotel, A One Royal Cruise Hotel. very nicely done had two wings, the reception was friendly and had a happy new year sign since it was 1st Jan, Felt welcoming 🙂

The check-in in took almost 45 minutes, i was tired n starving n cudnt wait to get settled in the room, freshen up and hunt out for food, so while waiting o took a few more pics of the lobby among which i really liked the flower pots hehe

Finally in the room, the entire hotel is themed and built in the shape of a cruise, and so the rooms were the same theme, the mirror was in a big emergency floating tire, the pillow covers were in navy blue n white. and the walls had paintings of a sailor’s hand salute and a couple holding hands by the sea


After settling in we went out in search of food, it was almost late afternoon, so we hardly found any thing open for lunch. we start to the right side from the hotel. Walking for a good long 15 minutes (it felt long with the sun n hunger) lol we found a restaurant named Tavern by the sea.


We ordered stir fry chicken with cashew nuts and sticky rice (our fav dish), orange juice for hubby and water for me ( i was sorta dieting) and attacked it so instantly that i hardly got to take any pics of it.

Back in the room, i made tea for my self n hubby from our complementary Tea set, and i really liked the stirrer  it was in the shape of a oar. sooo cute i totally wanted to bring it home as a souvenir  😛


Our hotel was at the sea front, like u can just walk out the back side, cross the road and ur at the sea, we hubby n I went to the shore to enjoy our evening, they have a good arrangement with loads of chairs that they take 50 baht for an hour, and u can sit on them n enjoy the sea n the waves, the breeze and wat not.Image


We spend some good two hours there, time just flew. we enjoyed the sunset took like a million pics, also a few of our hotel that now looked amazing with all the lights on


From the beach we decided to walk in left direction and see what all is there, finally decided for Italian place, that had a long lane with chairs on one side and sort of an art gallery, well not really but had alot of paintings kept here n there, probably for the tourists to buy. some of them were really amazing


We ordered garlic bread n pina colada for hubby, coke for me and chicken pizza. I wanted to be safe and not order any thing i would’nt wanna eat.

The garlic bread had big chunks of garlic, ewwwww


The pizza luked a lil burnt and the chicken just seemed like boiled pieces with hardly any taste, but we still had it coz we were way too hungry.


After dinner we walked back to our hotel, picked a few munchies from 7/11 for the night but tired from the entire day, we retired to bed almost instantly 🙂

Our first day at Pattaya was amazing over all, we simply loved it and couldn’t wait for our second day where we planned to explore a lil more and do some activities

Take tuned for more from the Pattaya trip in my next post. 😉


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