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Helloo Allll

i figured if i start writing every event that i wanna share in flowery tone n details and what not i might never be able to get to the end of it, so instead i will just do a simple run down with may b dates and events and a lil comment about it so that i can get over with it, not that its gonna b too much fun any more that way n with no pictures, but i guess that’s the best way possible for now. Otherwise the LAZY ME will never get on with it. So here i am breaking the ice!!!

10th January: Hubby n I came back from Thailand (our long awaited Honeymoon trip of 10 days), over all it was amazing, plus my best friend lives there so was a good reunion too, had a lovely time there, also had a 2 nights 3 days short visit to Pattaya. Simply loved it 🙂

12-15th January: Attended my friend’s wedding here, was the main reason to come back to early otherwise i prolly wud have stayed back with my friend and hubby cud have come back for his work, but i guess every thing happens for a reason and am glad i came back with hubby 🙂

27th January: I found out the best news of my life, the news i had been waiting for, for sooo long 😀 YES i am pregnant 😀 yayyy feels good to finally let it out on my blog here hehe. Hence it was nice i came back with hubby, he was the happiest on the news offcourse, so were my family n in-laws  Actually on 26th i just did a random test and i was sooo sure it wud be just one line and i thot to my self fine i will do it, not like am preggy, but when i saw a faint line i FREAKED out, i instantly took the pic of the strip n sent it to my best friend (god bless whatsapp) and she called and asked me to take another test which i did and the line was much clearer. but i wasn’t gonna get my hopes high, so on 27th i went with my mom in law (since we live with her) n got my blood test done in the morning. I came back from the clinic n then broke the news to Hubby that I think ur gonna be a daddy 🙂 i chked the result online at 3pm and it confirmed i was very much Pregnant. LOL now that i let it out here, i wanna keep writing it again n again lol (crazy excited me)

17th February: I had started to feel that i couldn’t take care of Coffee, (for new readers) the new poodle pup i had gotten in July 2012. I would still have to leash her every time i took her out for a pee and she wud wanna run and resist, the pulls started to give me strain and pressure in my abdomen and i knew with time i will totally not be able to take care of her, and hubby is mostly busy at work, so i cant expect him to be available for her walk around needs, so i had to take a decision and on 17th Feb i sold her, hoping she wud have a good life and will be taken good care of, since the guy who got her was all happy and stuff. so with a heavy heart i let her go. but the good thing was that she just went away, well in a way it was weird coz she didn’t even stop to look back she was all too happy to be going. good it was coz i knew she wud adjust there and wont have a problem  sad coz it made me feel that i still haven’t been able to make her MY DOG. Hubby had a big face made for 2 days coz he was too sad and wanted to keep her but i knew he will not be able to take responsibility as needed with time and it was best to let her go

3rd March: My doc told me that i really need to rest and take things easy, coz i kept feeling heavy and crampy and she said its not good. so i had some good long bed rest, Kept going to shops for various things on n off but mostly was trying to take things easy. LOL cant help it i am a restless soul 😛

21st March: i hadn’t told my gang till now, n it was getting frustrating, i wanted to just shout out my news, am not the person ti keep my happiness to my self but like every one says let the 3 months pass, let the risky time go and wat not, so by now I couldn’t hold the news any long and just HAD to share it with my gang so on 21st i arranged a dinner at my place, called my gang of 8 couples, after the dinner while the girls were collecting plates n clearing the table “Hibs” told me how she and “Nom” talked on their way to our place n guessed y i had called all on dinner, she said i said mayb she is expecting, or mayb her hubby got a promotion (they forgot my hubby works for himself so there’s no point of promotion :P) , i just looked at her smiled and said hey cant i call u all for dinner without any reason? 😛 hehehhe. Later all settled on sofas and i finally broke the news to “Natz” who had predicted last year that this year all of us will get preggy. so i told her dude ur prediction is true. and told “Hibs” ur discussion in the car was right, n then i started to blush lol. i swear it was totally unintentional. Hearing this Ana, K and M also jumped with happiness and they all congratulated me. The guys congratulated my hubby. It finally felt good to tell them and not have to lie why i am not making any plans or getting tired every time i go to their place and have my back aches and what not hehhee, i could finally b open to them 🙂 the girls screamed and danced and started going crazy about how they wanna arrange my baby shower lol i tell u they are some real crazy girls, n i love them to bits :)))

20th April: The guy who took Coffee called and informed that she expired 2 days back. had a slight accident in their store, where she was with his wife and some thing fell from the top shelf and broke her jaw. he took her to the hospital and the doc started to operate but she cudnt make it and died on the table. 😥 After hearing this i was furious with the guy that he cudnt take care of her n all. i was too sad, but later i also thought, now i might be selfish here but i thought that If she had to go at this time anyways am kinnda glad she was not in front of me, Coz i wudnt have had been able to deal with it especially with my slightly high rick pregnancy. 😦 May she rest in peace. I will always love her, I would attach her pic here for new readers but am still not able to see her pics, it still hurts. so those who don’t know about her can just scroll in my blog and see my pretty lil coffee cake. 🙂

27th April: Today i finally thot its about time that i share stuff otherwise i will keep sitting and before i know it it will be the end of this year. Now i will also start my preggy updates so those who are not much eager about it IF i mean may ignore it 🙂 Up till now i have been writing an every day diary of wat i eat, what i feel, symptoms, and any movements and wat i felt about doc appointments and what meds she told me when, and when i had my ultrasounds, how my weight is going and stuff like that just so i keep an over all record, and also will may b telly it with my next pregnancy if needed. 🙂

Aaaah 🙂 Finally I can start from every day stuff i hope i don’t lazy out now 🙂 Hope u all enjoy my run down post. Keep coming back for more

love u allll n big hugssssssss



22 thoughts on “Run Down Event Updates

    • Thanks Jojo 🙂 Am expecting to hold the lil one in my arms by early Oct, lets see how dat goes hehe 🙂
      I know, it was hard for me to realize that she is gone but am coming in terms with it slowly. got to. 😦

  1. Congratulations Tya!!!! What wonderful news. Now look after yourself. It will all be worth it when you hold your little darling in your arms. Look forward to the updates. 🙂
    (I am sorry about Coffee 😦 )

    • Thankooo Colline 😀 yuppp totally looking forward to that time but enjoying this time too, i love the movements and the tiny kicks right now 😀

      yea its sad but guess dats how things were supposed to be 😦

      • it gets scary at times when the movement gets a lil stronger hehehe but gettin used to it, the reality of a life within me has started to hit me more often now, especially from the inside 😛

  2. Both wonderful and sad news all tied together in one post. Babies are such an incredible life changing thing, especially when they are wanted deeply. You will find parenting to be different than anything you have every experienced. It has been the most rewarding part of my life. Listen to the doctors and take care of your body, because the life growing inside you depends on that (big responsibility, but you can do it). My heart is saddened by the loss of Coffee. One can not predict the twists and turns of life’s events. Best of luck. I look forward to your posts when you can take us along. Wishing you health and happiness. – Lorian (the human of DogDaz)

    • Thank you Lorain 🙂 i know there are so many adjustments and things i have to get used to as small as how i need to walk slowly n take every thing easy n not jump on my feet for things, but am gettin there and loving makig these tiny adjustments knowings its all the very best for my lil one 🙂
      Yeaaa, even though i gave her away i miss her alot, she was a total sweetheart but i had to do it 😦
      Thank you soo much for ur lovely post. i just loved reading it over n over again 🙂

      • Yup i totally have to 🙂 my lil patooti keep reminding me of that to take things slow n easy 🙂 n offcourse eat well n in moderation 🙂
        thanks Lorain

  3. Congratulations! What wonderful news!! Take good care of yourself and rest as much as you can…now is your time to “baby” yourself 🙂 🙂
    So sorry to hear about coffee….life is very strange sometimes 😦
    Wishing you all happy and wonderful things from here on out! xoxo

  4. How did I miss this news??? Congratulations on the baby!!! I was reading another post and I realized you broke the news here. I’m so happy for you!!! I wish you the best!!

      • Having a child is such life changing experience. It’s one I have yet to experience personally but I have through others. I can’t want wait! Enjoy your bundle of joy because time seems to fly so fast and before you know it they are all grown up!!

      • Seriously, ppl say 9 months are soo long, this n that, i am sitting at the start of 5th n time seems to have just passed in a blink of an eye, my sister said after her delivery that she misses her lil one in her tummy, now i can so relate to it, i know i will be missing it in my tummy too, the movements n the kicks, n before i know it the baby will be old enough to not need my help any more 🙂 but yes i can’t wait to have it in my arms n experience motherhood in a true sense 🙂
        i am totally enjoying every single moment n day of this time. Totally loving it 🙂

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