April Yummies

I enjoyed sum good yumies in April, chk em out 🙂



Paani puri, also known as Gol gappay
Boiled chick peas in crispy balls made of flour i think, served with a water thats a beautiful mixture of spicy, salty n sour 🙂
enjoyed this on 11th April



A yummy healthy breakfast, omelette made wid egg, milk n chopped capsicum & tomatoes, butter bread n 3 thin slices of tomato…. Perfect jump start for the day :))) 14th April



Enjoyed a Choc bar on 21st April 😛
Perfect to beat the heat



Penne pasta with mince beef n mushroom sauce gravy n a dash of green onion, best to suit the rainy weather n mood on 22nd April 🙂



Chiku fruit Milkshake
English name Sapodilla Milkshake
on 22nd April

Totally Loved em 😀


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