Bad Days for Pepsi :'(

My Happy Lil Pepsi Doll

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These pics were taken on 6th & 7th May 2013
so much has happened between then n now  My poor baby has been going thru such a hard time since 20th May when she dislocated her right pelvic bone, the doc said that the bone will sit in its place automatically with the pressure of the muscles and put on a bandage for two weeks which he took off on 1st June, well for now she is only only walking slowing on her right leg, but pick it in air when she wants to walk a lil faster 😦 Kills me to see her this way but i guess it will take time?
Then got her first ever Maggot attack on her right cheek on 1st june, i felt so guilty coz i felt i haven’t been taking good care of her coz of my own health, got the med put in by the doc, Two dead maggots fell at home dat that and n on 2nd June the Doc took out 2 dead maggots and the cheek opening started to heal nicely
As if that wasn’t enough she got a 2nd maggot attach on her left cheek on 6th june, again took her to the vet he put in the med, a few fell off and today 7th June the doc took out 3 small dead maggots, n gave me polyfax ointment to apply after a spirit swap.
Today (7th june), Morning i noticed a heat spot on her left elbow 😦 the Doc told her to apply Betnovit N cream on it and keep her clean, in the afternoon i got her bathed so that she is clean and kept her in my room during the afternoon time so that the hot weather do not disturb her. I let her out in her room in the evening. At night i took her out so she could so do her business and after she was done she scratched her right cheek (the first maggot attack place that had almost healed up but i saw a lil swelling and thought will take her on Monday for her followup and get this checked too) n made it all bloody. For now i cleaned the wound with spirit swap and applied polyfax gonna take her tomorrow morning to the vet. 
Snifffff I really hope she gets better real soon. i hate my self for not being able to take good care of her lately 😦  The groomer who came to give her a bath today said that her skin is getting sensitive coz of her age (will turn 9 years old on 1st July) and so these things will happen on n off now :s but honestly. Part of me blame my self. It feels like am going to the vet every day now, not that i have an problem with that, any thing for my lil baby but i reallllllllly hope she gets better real soon 😦 I miss the happy lil baby she was, even though right now she is all trying to be ok but i know she is not and prolly is in pain 😥



13 thoughts on “Bad Days for Pepsi :'(

    • i know 😦 the doc said i have to be on the look out now n be more attentive and alert for any skin changes or rashes. i really hope i can continue to take care of her like i used to even later when i will get a lil more busy
      for now i plan to get her bathed every two weeks, n keep her indoors during the afternoon time, also getting a smaller net to cover her room outside so that its fly proof.

      The Doc said that the reason for her to bleed was that even though the maggots were taken out there was still a lil infection that now bursted, he cleaned it out properly n gave her an antibiotic. am supposed to take her for another followup on monday

    • i guess so, for now i plan to get her bathed every two weeks, n keep her indoors during the afternoon time, also getting a smaller net to cover her room outside so that its fly proof. i h ope dat solves the problem otherwise will consult the vet for a new diet chart

    • Thanks Colline, the wounds seem to heal a bit, the vet cleaned it all but i will still b on an alert mode till i see her skin completely healed and like nothing had ever happened. Will definitely keep all updated on her progress 🙂

  1. Oh Pepsi – this is not good. We are all pulling for you here at the DogDaz Zoo. We know how hard it is when Mommy can’t do much to help the furbabies. Skin stuff has a lot to do with age, medication, and of course, environment. Healing takes time, so be gentle with yourself and with Mommy. We will light a healing candle with your name on it. – Lorian

    • she is doing alot better, i just started to give more attention n i do feel part of it was coz i wasnt giving much attention to her earlier coz of my own health. but i am so gald she is in a much better condition now 🙂 will soon post her new pics wid updates
      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dats sooo sweet of u, Pepsi sends her love to all at the DogDaz Zoo 🙂

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