Crash Landing!!! and totally Loving it :D

Hello all

Just thought to update my blog, now that i finally got some time i can write a few updates on my baby πŸ™‚
My baby couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to experience the world as soon as she could so she did a crash landing on 26th Aug, a Preemie by 6 weeks weighing only 1.5kg yet had to b pulled by forceps coz i stopped contracting at the last minute n her heartbeat started to faint (dats extended my Episiotomy) OUCH. God Bless Epidural i didn’t feel any thing otherwise lol i dunno wat i wud have done, She was a flat baby n needed artificial respiration to kick start n finally cried after 10 scary minutes (i was holding my heart in my mouth it seemed till the time i waited to hear her cry).
We both were in hospital for 9 days recovering n finally on 4th Sep we came home. Because she is a preemie there is alot of work and care i have to do :))) but i am loving it. like totally, even though i might b sleep deprived and prolly haven’t showered in a day (trust me dats huge for me) but when i look at her face i forget every thing. as long as she is recovering and getting better, i forget about my millions of stitches and my pain and My any thing :)) guess dats being a mother? πŸ™‚

Β I wont b uploading her pics for now but just a lil glimpse of my lil bundle of joy.


Thank god i had done most of my shopping earlier but 90% of her cloths are like huge on her, shes literally swimming in them, so finally day before i went n got a few preemie cloths n socks n caps.
Now my routine is doing a temperature control for her, keeping her warm yet not let her heat up, giving her milk every hour coz the doc said she cannot digest more for now so go easy. well every hour means 8 minutes of feeding, 15 minutes of burping, and 10 minutes of waking her up and changing diaper. dat leaves me wid half n hour in between for gettin her next feed ready, or going to the bathroom, or washing n sanitizing her bottles or eating or sleeping or….. basically any n every thing else in the world lol

We Named her Tanisha, it means Happiness and also “Born on Monday” in African american which coincidentally really worked well Β as she was born on a Monday πŸ˜€ hehe sHe luks like her dad more for now, but i am really happy coz i think she has curly hair. (atleast one attribute is mine) πŸ˜› i always wanted a baby girl who wud luk like her dad, but have curly hair, seems like my wish did come true πŸ˜€

ImageDo u spot curls? πŸ˜€ or am i just imaging lol?

I do plan on writing all about my labor time so any one not interested can ignore my next post :))))