Little Life

I wrote a poem for my lil one when i found out i was preggy 🙂

10841309_10154851944995317_627403748_nLife…. so precious so fragile

Thoughts about you makes me smile

such a lil delicate soul

little angel on the whole

full of love a beating heart

proud of u to be my part

helpless being with a grip so strong

eases down with a soothing song

you give me a hick with every kick

but i know its all a trick

ur way of telling ur fine and alive

developing well n thrive

waiting to hold u in my arms

protecting you against all harms

holding you close next to my heart

enjoying motherhood, its just a start

now i cant wait for us to meet

coz arrival of urs will make me complete

10th March 2013



WOW it feels like ages since i last posted any thing here, life has been busy as hell with the baby but now i am really hoping to get back and keep if no regularly at least on n off.

im back

Right so alot has happened during all this time of hibernating. well i wasn’t really hibernating as such (i wish) but have been on my toes meeting my baby’s needs and totally loving being a mom. no doubts is a hell of a tiring job but totally rewarding 🙂

i feel like bursting my heart out here n writing all about it but i shall take it easy.

for now all i would say is that the reason i think i will b more regular now is coz now our routine is a lil better, so i know when i can give some time to my writing without having to stop in the middle or panic if she wakes up in the middle of my post haha. Also making this possible is my new tiny lil Laptop that i asked hubby for or 4th anniversary last month. soooo yea am kinnda bragging about it hehe.

Arighty so i shal soon write another post giving in a quick over view of my so called hibernating time

Love u allll