Reviving skeletons!

Hellooo, its been years i have written anything. No excuses, life has just gone busy. So much has happend since the last time i wrote, 2 years back.

A quick overview, i had a baby girl on 5th Sep 2016. We named her Sanaya.😍

I went to the USA to visit my sister over the summer vacations in 2017 for 2.5 months and totally fell in love with her neighborhood 😍

9th Nov 2017, i started following ‘The Curly Girl method’ for my curly hair, which turned out to be a life-changing experience. I will b writing about my progress and experiences too in my blogs *Fingers crossed*

My dad fell ill and went thru partial paralaysis in Dec 2017 😞 while staying with his sister in lahore, his brother took him to Sahiwal to take care of him, where I visited during the winter vacations.

I lost a 7 week fetus on 14th Feb 2017 and had my DNC on 15th 😢 but life goes on. Allah Had other plans

My sister visited in Feb for 10 days, she even went to meet dad

On 4th May 2018, Dad was brought back to Karachi, where I arranged a 24/7 guy to take care of him. 23rd May he was admitted to hospital for weakness, infection and dehydration. My Aunt came to Karachi for my support on 24th May. We celebrated dads birthday on 27th may in the hospital and he was discharged from the hospital on 30th May and came back home.

Thr 24/7 guy left so i had to arrange a caretaker from a company, who wud help Dad move around and give him physiotherapy. My Aunt is a Big support.

25th July 2018, I went and casted the vote for the betterment of my country and hoping for a safe and happy future.

Today i also wrote my diary after 5 years. Yes 5 long years and felt so good. Mayb i will start writing a diary again. Let’s see.

Schools are opening in 2 weeks. Tanisha will start her Kindergarten and Sanaya will start her pre-nursery where she will celebrate her 2nd birthday 😆 Time really flies

So far so much has happened in this year, its been keeping me really busy but at the same time i wanna do something for myself, i wanna work. Mayb just part-time but i really wanna do something i would love doing.

I guess that’s all for now. Hoping to keep Writing and updating on whats happening. Take care or urselves

Much love😘