Super Sweet Blogging Award

Oooo wow dats an awards after such long long time 😀 Thank you Lorain of Dogdaz for this lovely award, even though i havnt been much regular at posting stuff but its reallllly sweet of you to nominate me 🙂 Readers, if u are into animals and pets, you should definitely chk this blog out, i love reading tiny bits n pieces on how the animals at Dogdaz spend their days n have their own moods and expressions for diff things. you will really enjoy it 🙂


The rules for the Super Sweet Blogging Award are simple:

  • Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who nominated you: Thank you soooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh Lorain of Dogdaz
  • Answer five super sweet questions. (Below)
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in your blog post. (Done above)
  • Nominate a baker’s dozen bloggers (that’s 13, for those of you who don’t cook or visit  the pastry shop)Below

  • Notify your nominee on their blogs. (Will do it as soon as i post this)

Super Sweet Answers:

1. Cookies or Cake? I am in for both, cakes that aint too sweet n have a good blend of every thing in them are heavenly for me, and amazing cookies are always welcomes with a good cup of coffee 🙂

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? I am more of a chocolate person, even though thanks to my high insulin levels i am not supposed to have too much sweet but if given an option i will pick chocolate over vanilla any day 😀

3.  What is your favorite sweet treat?  For me it has to be Kitkat or OMG theres nuffin better then a good yummy creamy Dark chocolate Ice cream  i like cookie n cream too,and OMG now i wanna have it Swiss chocolate ice cream from Movenpick *DROOLS*

4.  When do you crave sweet things the most? when i am happy, i wanna celebrate with a sweet taste. or when i am too sad i wanna cheer up with a sweet taste 🙂

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? For some weird reason for a long long time, i kept my nick name on MIRC and yahoo chat as Sweetsugar lol dunno if this counts but otherwise umm i think choco bean or cookie 😛


I am going to start with a food fight and throw the cupcake at

(1) Tahoma beadworks & Photography
(2) Colline’s Blog
(3) Meyyum Thinks
(4) A window into the woods
(5) Lukes Adventures
(6) Another Girl In The Mall
(7) …..thinks I LOVE
(8) Rumpydog
(9) Cutedogsandhugs
(10) Bongodogblog
(11) Marking Our Territory
(12) Snapshooter
(13) Kerin Burford PHOTOGRAPHY

ooo boy dat was a long long list lol okie so now FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Choose your confection and start throwing.  Thanks for the fun n award Lorain 🙂


Inspiring Blog Award

Last week i received  “Inspiring Blog Award,” by my dear fellow blogger Dogdaz. Thank you sooo much. I love reading your blog. I feel its a mixture of fun and information about animals. The way you share experiences and stories of your animals is just amazing and so many times i have learnt one thing or another from them. Your blog to me is truely inspirational, coz i know alot of people who love animals but the way you express ur love for them is totally adorable. and i know any one who reads ur blog will feel that way too 🙂


I love getting Awards, am sure every one does, it gives me a sense of appreciation and urges me to write more and more. but before i start with my stories lets get to the rules of this award:

(1) Link back to the person who nominated you: DONE

(2) Post the award image to your page: DONE

(3) Tell seven facts about yourself: DONE below

Fact 1:  No matter how strong i show my self from the out side, inside i am scared of alot of things, which i neva admit to any one

Fact 2: I love eating corn 😀

Fact 3:  If i had a big house i would probably turn half of it into a mini zoo of my own with so many animals

Fact 4:  i neva express my anger, i keep bottling up and then try to forgive and forget, which at times gets difficult 😦

Fact 5:  I am not clumsy but after i got married, trying to do things right, makes me do the stupidest and the clumsiest of things, its not even funny 😛

Fact 6: I love photography, and keep wishing i had a better camera so i cud just snap anything to every thing.

Fact 7: I used to write poems so easily till a few years back, now i feel i cant n i miss em 😦

(4) Nominate 5-10 other blogs,  DONE below…. Although there are so many blogs that inspire me but below are a few i really like.

1. Collines Blog

2. One life this life

3.  Snap shooter

4.  Taking snaps

5. Rumpydog

6. Kerin Burford Photography

7. ….things I LOVE

8. Rana Armoush

9. A window in the woods

(5) Let them know they are nominated. PINGBACK – you’re notified.  No really I will comment on their sites.  LOL

Pick of the Litter Award!

Hello all 🙂

I am soo happy for this one particular award which is so adorable and has been given to me by my fellow blogger Dogdaz I love reading this blog, it has a variety of humor and information, yet stories about the couple of animals that live in this blog’s zoo, you should give it a shot, am sure you will like it too 🙂
Now coming back to the awards, the name of the Award is “Pick of the Litter Award” and i have completely fallen in love with it 🙂


Thank you once again Dogdaz for this adorable award and thank you for sharing all the amazing posts that you do, i love reading them and learn so much form them. 🙂 Good going

The Wobbly Fish Award

Have you ever experienced a day that feels wobbly for you? A day in which things do not go quite right? A day during which you continually feel off-balance? If you have, then this is the award for you! And if you are a Pisces, then it is definitely for you!

The Writer in the Woods created this award at a time when she needed to improve her wobbly day. As with every award, this one too has its stipulations. However these are different to the norm! To display this award on your blog, you need to do the following:

  1. Don’t send it on to other bloggers – because they can all award it to themselves. (No need to search through your blogroll looking for those who do not yet have the award).
  2. Send a kind wobbly fish thought to someone you know who could do with it. (I am wondering at this moment how I could email it….)
  3. Smile whenever you look at your wobbly fish! ( I certainly will – looks cute, doesn’t it?)
  4. Download the image if you would like the award for your blog. (go to and download the button).

And finally: enjoy your day – even though it is a bit wobbly :)

I picked my wobbly fish from Collinesblog, where did u pick urs from?

PS: Thank you Writer in the Woods for creating a fun award that can brighten someone’s day.

The Kreativ Bloggers Award


Are we rocking or what???? 😀 What a perfect weekend with a new award from Rana Armosh, The Kreativ Bloggers Award.

Rules of Acceptance:

1. Thank the blogger who presented you with the award.( Thank you Rana, I love reading ur blog, it has a really good variety and i love the way you write, keep up the good work and once again thank you so much for presenting me this award.:))

2. Post a photo of the award.( Done and above)

3. Share ten things about yourself readers don’t know.:

.1. I don’t like to see my self out of shape, and the moment i feel like am getting lazy n growing inches, i HAVE TO just start with my exercises. (now a days am lazy on purpose:P)

.2. I love chicken, i eat so much of it that i fear i will start to look like chicken little one day, but i love it better then red meat.

.3. My Dog Pepsi is my little bundle of joy, she has been bringing the happiness in my life since the last 8 years

.4. My best friend Bee is the best in the entire world, n even though i have so many more friends and really close ones, no one can compare to Bee. Infact shes not my best friend, shes my soul sister:)

.5. I love giving surprises to people and making their day but at the same time i hate being not in control of any situation(i just discovered my husband is the same way),  that was initially planned by me

.6. i have been trying to finish a book (Freya North Love rules) i started a month back but am getting distracted n bored so easily that i cant seem to get my interest back in it 😦 (i hate it wen this happens)

.7. I am like a little kid, n no matter how old i get, or what people may think, i will never and i mean NEVA stop being excited about life and little moments that life brings to us.

.8. No one is perfect but i am proud of me and i love being me:)

.9. I used to believe in fairy tales and like the princess always waiting for her prince, i knew n had faith in that one day my prince will come in my life too. Now 14 months of being married i’d say i wasn’t wrong:)

.10. I have been planning to write a proper about me but its still in the thinking process *looks down with a i-am-sorry-am-delaying-it look)

4. Choose six people to present this award to.:

1- Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars

2-meyyum thinks…

3-Colline’s Blog

4-♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡


 5. Let the six bloggers know they have been awarded.( Will be on that ASAP)

The Liebster Blog award !


Oh wow, i think i have fallen in love with word press, this is my second award nomination this week, and i just cant express how excited i am now. i wanna write like every day hehe. It hasn’t been long since i started posting my writings here and already i have found so many people who inspire me and who like the way i write too. Its amazing when you get all those comments :))) *grin*

So before i start to blabber any more and not wasting any time, i am now going to share the rules of this award.

1. Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you. Thank you Rana Armoush writer of for nominating me to this award:))) I love the way she writes and express and am sure u will enjoy it too:))

2. List five blogs that has affected your writing in a positive manner, by virtue of comments, posts, inspirations etc.

Now this is a tough part coz so many blogs that i read are amazing and have some thing or another that inspires me, motivates me and gives me a better understanding to things but here are a few that i will name that are my top favorite

All the best for the award, u guys rock:)))

3. Leave comments on those blogs letting them know of the nominations ( will do as soon as i post this )
4. Post the award in your blog.( Done)
5. Bask in the love of fellow bloggers and spread joy and inculcate good karma.( yup yup:)

I think WordPress is a great place to find good minds and to read their blogs. I truly enjoy reading and writing here, Never really thought that a writing daily diary in a register in childhood would actually become a habit to write and express, so here i am blogging and now getting nominated for awards, whether i get them or not, its a good motivation to keep writing good stuff for sure:)

So now all the best for the Award every one and keep writing and expressing your thoughts.:)


The Versatile blogger Award!


So, as you may know the game is on here at wordpress and somehow I’m in it now, thanks to my fellow blogger who nominated me. And even though  i never really thought that my blog was the versatile kind, I’m just going to go along with it, and see how it goes :)

So, first the rules:

1.Add a picture of the award to this post.

2.Thank who nominated you.

3.Nominate 15 other Bloggers and inform those 15 they have been nominated.

4.Share 7 random facts about yourself.

Thanks to for nominating my blog for this award.

Here are the 15 other nominations. (Definitely not in order though :P )
















Now 7 random fact, hmm lets see!

1- English is not my first language.

2- I love animals

3- I am crazy about photography.

4- I appreciate fine things in life

5-. I am a people’s person i can’t stand a solitary life.

6- I dislike people who judge others and jump to conclusions

7- I live every single moment:)