Its just deeds, Tiny little meaningless actions that has the power to make you feel lively, peacefull and happy. Just little tiny meaningless deeds turning into a meaningful life. πŸ™‚

Why i say this? I have been observing alot of things lately. We often put ourselves on such a busy scheduale that we do not get time for any thing…not even us. we forget that people around us are important too. What if we do just one action a day that would give some one a smile, make some one happy or gives a lil meaning to someone’s life? wouldnt we sleep the best that night with a smile on our face and a sense of satisfaction in our hearts?


Its just tiny lil things that are so easy to do. So lets do one good thing today, lets help some one cross a road, or open a door for an elderly, or give food to a poor and watch the smile on their lips and happiness in their eyes as they eat that food. There are so many things one can do.

So lets just do it today, Its just deeds. Tiny lil deeds πŸ™‚


Live today


Often we take every thing for granted. We preplan for years to come, we postpone our plans for future indefinite dates, we make plans for life, even at times we leave some things for later, things as small as telling that one person “I Love you”. We decide that tomorrow we will make very thing better, we will deal with every thing, we will fix things tomorrow coz today we have other things on mind but…….. what if tomorrow never comes? what if tomorrow we are not there? what if there is no tomorrow?

We tend to ignore this reality of life which is sure to happen anyday any time and in any manner. We lead a busy life in which we dont have time for people we love, trying to make some thing for a better future, am not saying we should’nt but in doing so we forget to live life. My only point is that we should life it up every day like its our last, who knows what will happen tomrrow.

Life is a very precious thing, and you only live onces so why not live it to the fullest? They say you cant change fate. what ever is written for you is bound to happen, so who knows how tomorrow will be what it will bring along? Tensions problems ups and downs are a part of life, one should not stop living coz of them. As long as you have life things will work out. but dont die before your death already. dont live today in crying about how you will die tomrrow, Live in every moment today so that tomorrow you die with a smile coz you lead a happy and a full life.

Today and now is what we have so live it, enjoy every moment and make the best out of every thing, every situation, every moment. Enjoy every single thing about today, Live today, preserve it, save it in our memories and heart. Live it while you can coz tomorrow never comes, so live today