Empty mind = Games :P

I know i haven’t been writing much lately and i feel way too guilty for that, so here i am scribbling my empty mind away. 🙂

Today i went for some chores, and in the evening am going out with a friend for jumk food:P shall b fun fun fun. 😀 For now i am thinking what i need to do, while i wait for the game “New in town” on facebook to refill my days for work. I am game crazy. i can spend a whole day just playing games, from one game to another, my friends are tired of seeing my notifications for farmville and other games that i play hehe but they keep my busy and i feel refreshed and energized, although i admit too much of any thing is bad, and i at times tend to exceed my playtime. 😛  i have just fallen in love with the “new in town” game and i feel its much better then the sims version on FB. Sims is totally boring and you need to get so many things from your freinds, which means that if u dont have too many neighbors or friends playing that game, you cannot proceed much further in the game. I like new in town coz it dosnt matter how many people are playing or not, for example i only have one friends from FB for now who is playing this game but just coz it dosnt require too may things from friends am doing pretty ok with not many neighbors..

Oops see what i mean i am game grazy hehehe, heres is a screenshot of my FAV game, if you like games you shud try this 🙂 Enjoy



A Trip to a Mini Zoo

9th March 2012
Made a sudden plan with my mum in law to visit her sister for a bit, also take along my hubby’s 2.8 years old niece along. why? coz there is a mini zoo near the aunt’s house and we knew she would enjoy it. I tagged along coz i wanted to see it too 😀 *Lurveeee animals* and also wanted to take their pics. So we went to the aunt’s house, stayed there for an hour till the opening time of the zoo. Finally off to the mini zoo, it wasnt too big just a few exhibits but very nicely kept n maintained, i couldnt keep my hands form clicking the animals. The ostriches were running from one place to another so i cudnt really get a very clear shot of them. Got a few nice shots of ducks parrots and a cute lil baby monkey

Image Image


This one here is my Fav most pic of the trip. 🙂


Over all had a good experience and i cant wait to visit it again soon 😀 hehehehee