School Activity Update

Hello every one, i know i keep promising that i will b regular at posting some thing or an other but then i vanish like i never existed. once again i apologize. i know a lot of you have probably given up on me by now, i am not gonna make any more promises, ill just post when and as i can.
So a lil update on my life, my 2.5 years old has been taking up most of my time and so are her school activities. January they had an annual sports day, not that these lil kids actually did races or any thing but they had lil activities tat they did along with their teachers, it was super cute IMG_20160130_161506

I didn’t take too many pics coz off-course i was busy making videos of all the activities my lil doll was doing. i know i could get hold of the pics form the school’s website but i just had to CATCH the moment 😀
Once that was done n over with the school started preparing so the annual concert/function day. my Daughter’s class was acting on the nursery rhyme down by the bay and it was funny to watch her trying to sing it all day long hehe kids are too cute that way 😀


After all the acts, all the pre-nursery to Class 1 kids participated in a final song. so every one got to b on the stage at once:)
I so encourage kids to take part in such school activities coz i feel these things encourages kids to be independent and proactive also it brings out their artistic side and a feeling of belonging to the institute. i grew up taking part in all extra activities in the school and i am hoping to support my kids in doing the same.

I know this is not like my regular post but hey am a mommy now so there will be kids updates on and off which i am sure atleast the mommy followers will enjoy and would be able to relate to 😀

So how do you bring out the artistic/active side of ur kids? do let me know 🙂
Untill next time,

Take goood care of ur selves
Love you alll




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You have become
My aim and necessity
all of a sudden
i’ve realized
how badly
i need you
how immensely
i want you
how passionately n strongly
i desire you
My love for you grow
day by day
Our detiny is, i know
on it way
life withouth u seems useless
your love for me is priceless
Never on earth will i ever get
the degree of love u shed each moment
i can surely say that
u are the love of my life
that i treasure alot
you are the only person
i look up to
My passion for u go crazy
My desires for u go mad
My body aches for your touch
I need you badly now n ever
am yours…. wholey n souly

15th June 98′

“Our love is this strong”


I thought that i would not miss you
But even for one night
I couldn’t stay without
I missed you like hell
Today i can really feel
How strong our love is
How much i love you
How much i need you
how much i miss you
That even for a moment
I cant stay without you
My heart ached so badly
My skin felt so cold
My eyes seemed so lifeless
Knowing that i am not with you
I never knew
How much dependent i’ve become on you
Over this short period of time
But i do know for sure
How strong our love is
& i cant even think of a day
Without you in my life
Our love is this strong

14th June 98′