Overview of a year with my Babydoll

Hope all are having a good day. To be honest, i have been on my laptop almost every day ever since my last post, but all i did was play games and trust me i had been having better sleep. LOL! seriously i am not kidding. i have always been the person who needs to tire my mind before i sleep, n i did that best by playing mind games like bejeweled and similar kinds. last whole year i have hardly had time to b on my laptop so no games as such, only an occasional play on my cell but its not the same thing. So i have been playing Criminal case and loving it 🙂 “and sleeping well ;)” cartoonWoman So this whole year has been crazyyyyyy, from watching my tiny preemie getting better at responses to watching her grow and gain control to sit, n then crawl n then cruise. I went crazy every month n celebrated her monthly birthdays, i couldn’t wait for her to b 1 when i will finally retire to an annual birthday ( i know crazy me) so i would dress her up and even bring brownies or a cupcake, light a candle and sing happy birthday hehe. I watched her smile at toys and acknowledge every day things. Watched her go crab style on her walker (walking sideways on tippy toes). she started to play with a cup and a spoon, started to mix and make u eat what she cooked. she would get excited to see our dog Pepsi and would want to go out to play with it. She started walking 15 days after her 1st Birthday, 3 days before mine, a perfect birthday gift for me from her 😀 and there was no stopping her from then onward hehe baby-growth-development-cartoon-vector-illustration-girl-embryo-to-toddler-31181098 She has also started to say mama, baba, bye, Pechi (pepsi). apart from that she babbles alot, all the time, it will just be a matter of time before all that starts to get clear and proper words will b on her lips 🙂 She  has started to show signs of her personality and becoming more and more aware of what she wants and when she wants and  how she wants it. If she wants a particular toy or a cereal she WILL WANT IT.  i know alot of this wil mellow down, i am just enjoying seeing how her personality is shaping. Ofcourse i wont let this be, i  do and will guide when and where needed so that every thing falls in place nicely. well, at times we can plan all we want but the kids turn out totally different. i am hoping mine wont disappoint me much 🙂 She will b 17 months this 26th, i know its kinnda early but i am planing to buy her a potty seat and start her getting accustomed with it. once dats done and we are comfy we can further move on to the training “fingers crossed”.she is not fully ready and the signs i see are not too much but we are working on it, so lets see when we achieve this milestone hehe Sooo i am sure u guys are bored as hell by now, i know i promised a quick overview of my entire year of hibernation and well in a brief summary here it is 🙂 You all take good care of ur self, until i bore u again with my next post hehe Have a great day Hugs n kisses


A lil Hello from a busy mom

Helloo again
I know i haven’t been keeping my promise ot being regular but trust me i do try to take out time to open my laptop. its just that my lil pumpkin only takes a 1.5 hours nap in the day, n there are so many things waiting for that slot to happen, wash her cloths or iron her cloths or wash her bottles or i take a shower or i relax or rest. half of the time i don’t even want to do any thing, i just wanna lay down n relax or just play a lil xbox n have some recreation. i must say being a mom is such a hectic job but equally rewarding and i have no regrets about that. so what if i cant do alot of things i used to do. right now my daughter needs my attention. in another few months she will start preschool then i can hopefully do what ever the hell i wana do in those few morning hours 🙂 *fingers crossed* Lets see how that routine shapes up once it starts. still some time to go before that 🙂

Busy mom

This is me at times……..

Meanwhile i really hope to juggle every thing at the right pace and manage my life a lil more, and trust me i am not even half as busy as most moms, thank god i don’t have to clean the house or cook, but i still have to clear up the mess my daughter makes of her toys in the room. A salute to all the busy moms out there who manage their babies as well as the entire house

So today i thought i will just say a lil hello to you all before i start playing a few games on Facebook and do nothing and i mean absolutely nothing else 😀 hehe. so off i go to have some fun.
Talk to u all sooooon

Hugs n Kisses

Little Life

I wrote a poem for my lil one when i found out i was preggy 🙂

10841309_10154851944995317_627403748_nLife…. so precious so fragile

Thoughts about you makes me smile

such a lil delicate soul

little angel on the whole

full of love a beating heart

proud of u to be my part

helpless being with a grip so strong

eases down with a soothing song

you give me a hick with every kick

but i know its all a trick

ur way of telling ur fine and alive

developing well n thrive

waiting to hold u in my arms

protecting you against all harms

holding you close next to my heart

enjoying motherhood, its just a start

now i cant wait for us to meet

coz arrival of urs will make me complete

10th March 2013


WOW it feels like ages since i last posted any thing here, life has been busy as hell with the baby but now i am really hoping to get back and keep if no regularly at least on n off.

im back

Right so alot has happened during all this time of hibernating. well i wasn’t really hibernating as such (i wish) but have been on my toes meeting my baby’s needs and totally loving being a mom. no doubts is a hell of a tiring job but totally rewarding 🙂

i feel like bursting my heart out here n writing all about it but i shall take it easy.

for now all i would say is that the reason i think i will b more regular now is coz now our routine is a lil better, so i know when i can give some time to my writing without having to stop in the middle or panic if she wakes up in the middle of my post haha. Also making this possible is my new tiny lil Laptop that i asked hubby for or 4th anniversary last month. soooo yea am kinnda bragging about it hehe.

Arighty so i shal soon write another post giving in a quick over view of my so called hibernating time

Love u allll


Surprise surprise (Labor) indetail

Ps: guys can ignore this indetail labor post.

I wrote this earlier but now finding time to post

Although I had read about it, but they say when the time comes you forget every thing lol

34 weeks down the preggy lane I had been pretty off home cooked food so I ordered food for continuously 2-3 days. Went for my doc’s appointment on 22Aug Wednesday. All was good she told me to come back in two weeks wid an ultrasound.
Thursday midnight onwards I started having intestinal cramps and I thought oh no so much for junk food. The cramps were so bad dat wid every cramps I could see the baby was being disturbed too n made too many movements. Thursday morning onwards she didnt make any move n I thought she must hav gotten tired too
Evening onwards she was back to her normal mini movements.
It took half friday (23aug) for the cramps to settle after me taking med for the spasms. I was feeling alot better by Friday evening n at night I didn’t want to eat anything heavy, perhaps rest my tummy so I only had milk.
Saturday (24aug) early morning i started having weird cramps that woke me up every hour. They were in abdomen and I thought oh no the infection from my small intestines hav gone to my large intestine
It felt like a bowl movement as if I really wanna go every hour but my every trip to washroom was a waste. I even msgd my doc n askd if I should continue to take med for spasms, she said no get admitted if they get bad n I replied, ok they r bearable for now.
Thanks to diarrhea my 48.5 weight went down to 45 in two days. My friends gave me a surprise baby shower Saturday evening, we had a blast n I kept ignoring slight “cramps” thinking these r just false pain.
I wud feel better wen I’d walk, but feel miserable n got the cramps more often wen I would sit or lay down.
Sunday 25aug: I felt the intensity going a lil bad but everyone kept telling me these r false. Sonce the doc had given me the date between 29th sep to 6th Oct. By now wid every cramp i wud feel my lower back being literally stabbed so by afternoon I told hubby to take me to hospital. They did my CTG n the baby’s heartbeat was good n the graph showd no ‘contraction or pain’ I told them bout my cramps n they sed if u had real pains the graph wud show. So I came back home wid mt “false contractions”.  The pain started to worsen
By night I started to feel as if my lower back has been pulled in sides by a elastic band n every cramp is like some one is playing guitar on those strings. Like a constant stabbing n God it was hurting.
Sunday night was the worst. Monday 26th aug, midnight onwards I started feeling it much more n wen I timed I was getting cramps every 6 minutes id cry wid every cramp n my hubby got up every time to keep his hand on the side of my hip for a soothing effect. (Poor guy)
Monday morning I cried n told my hubby to let’s go get ultrasound done n tell my doc to stop pain I cant bear this for a month till my due date.
The ultrasound showed dat the baby’s head is really down.  My doc had an evening clinic on Monday so i  went home again wondering if this is false pain how bad will b the real ones. After that I couldnt even walk properly felt pressure between my legs. I was actually walking like a penguin lol
Evening wen I sat in the car i felt a lil wetness n thot oo u get it in the last month so no biggie.  I had 3 cramps in the car, 2 while I waited for the lift at the hospital. Lol I went in as normally I wud, got my bp n weight chk n sat in waiting for my turn
Had 3 cramps then. Even the women sitting beside me askd if I was ok n I sed yes just cramps
I had 3 patients before me in line. Thank God my doc got out for a round, saw my drained n exhausted face n eyes tightly shut n askd wat happened to u I sed pains she sed go lie in my room
She came n chkd me leaving me in excruciating pain n instantly sed am admitting u, hubby thot its just for observation she sed shez gonna deliver :O
I had gone wid a mind frame to just ask for a med so this pain wud stop. Wasnt ready for such a preterm delivery
I had told my best friend dat weneva is time I will try natural before asking for epidural but being in that condition for two days, feeling my back stabbed, wen they took me to the labor room n askd if I want epidural I told them only if u promise that this pain will go, plz yessss.
I was changed n taken into labor room, I got the epidural n aftr a lil while of shivering I was in the lalaland… :p the doc came n after a few preparations I was askd to push. I cud hear baby’s heart beat on the monitor.
The doc sed ooo I can see the head n the other second her expressions changed. I had stopd contracting wid the baby half way here. Babys heaetbeat started to drop… even though I had gotten an episiotomy but wen the beat fainted to almost nothing my doctor used the forceps n pulled her out n sed flat baby (I had no idea wat dat meant so I was holding my breath to hear her cry) my episiotomy got extended (ouch). The pediatrician worked on her n it was after 10 freakishly long minutes that she started crying n wid dat I let out my tears of relief.
Thanks to my doc for allowing my hubby to b wid me n big Thanks to my dear husband who stood by me holding my hand all thru the process being my ultimate support. I totally love him for this. (Where I live most docs don’t allow anyone in delivery room)
Being a 8 weeks preemi n only weighing 1.6 kg, she was rushd to the nursery. the doctor said we will keep her for atleast 8-10 days.
That was 26th Aug. Today (wen I wrote this on a notepad) 2nd sep, we r still at the hospital. She is still in the incubator and I M getting hot sit baths for my stitches which is now getting better. But I still cannot sit.
Finally on 4th sep me n baby Tanisha came home :))

I know my post hass gone too long but just thought to write the details so that any n every one can benefit from it….. so if ur preggy n getting abdomenal cramps… go get chkd it might just b real contractions.

Crash Landing!!! and totally Loving it :D

Hello all

Just thought to update my blog, now that i finally got some time i can write a few updates on my baby 🙂
My baby couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to experience the world as soon as she could so she did a crash landing on 26th Aug, a Preemie by 6 weeks weighing only 1.5kg yet had to b pulled by forceps coz i stopped contracting at the last minute n her heartbeat started to faint (dats extended my Episiotomy) OUCH. God Bless Epidural i didn’t feel any thing otherwise lol i dunno wat i wud have done, She was a flat baby n needed artificial respiration to kick start n finally cried after 10 scary minutes (i was holding my heart in my mouth it seemed till the time i waited to hear her cry).
We both were in hospital for 9 days recovering n finally on 4th Sep we came home. Because she is a preemie there is alot of work and care i have to do :))) but i am loving it. like totally, even though i might b sleep deprived and prolly haven’t showered in a day (trust me dats huge for me) but when i look at her face i forget every thing. as long as she is recovering and getting better, i forget about my millions of stitches and my pain and My any thing :)) guess dats being a mother? 🙂

 I wont b uploading her pics for now but just a lil glimpse of my lil bundle of joy.


Thank god i had done most of my shopping earlier but 90% of her cloths are like huge on her, shes literally swimming in them, so finally day before i went n got a few preemie cloths n socks n caps.
Now my routine is doing a temperature control for her, keeping her warm yet not let her heat up, giving her milk every hour coz the doc said she cannot digest more for now so go easy. well every hour means 8 minutes of feeding, 15 minutes of burping, and 10 minutes of waking her up and changing diaper. dat leaves me wid half n hour in between for gettin her next feed ready, or going to the bathroom, or washing n sanitizing her bottles or eating or sleeping or….. basically any n every thing else in the world lol

We Named her Tanisha, it means Happiness and also “Born on Monday” in African american which coincidentally really worked well  as she was born on a Monday 😀 hehe sHe luks like her dad more for now, but i am really happy coz i think she has curly hair. (atleast one attribute is mine) 😛 i always wanted a baby girl who wud luk like her dad, but have curly hair, seems like my wish did come true 😀

ImageDo u spot curls? 😀 or am i just imaging lol?

I do plan on writing all about my labor time so any one not interested can ignore my next post :))))

Reflux, heartburn & a few updates

Just last week i wrote a post about my preggy update
Today all i will talk about is another major symptom of 3rd trimester that’s bugging me and killing me like any thing.

Image Our very own HEARTBURN lol 

I never had an idea about what heartburn is untill now, n trust me its nothing one can enjoy. i’ve gotten so sensitive that even a lil fatty or oily or spicy stuff (i dont usually have spicy even generally) and my entire internals are boiling and burning. on top of that, the Reflux is getting really bad.

Last night i woke up coz i felt almost chocked in my throat with a weird burning acidic feeling and feeling so sumthing stuck in my chest. it was soo uncomfortable. i tried to elevate my pillows n stay on my left side so it may get better, but no such luck. on top of that, entire day today my throat felt that yucky acidic feeling arghhhh so not happy about it. but then again i keep telling my self that its just two months more and things might just get better. For now Gavescon syrup is the rescue, dat too dosnt help at times 😦
I think i need to shift to a total bland food for two months. May b dat wud help the burning n heart burn.
ImageUPDATES on my lil one
Well the baby has been clustered on the right side, which makes it almost impossible for me to sleep on the right, i get good kicks lol, Rest is all good, lil one loves to make pyramids on my tummy eehehehehe, its such a funny sight n hubby freaks out lol
by pyramid i mean the baby puts up its butt against my tummy wall n it stretches out so much that it almost luks like a pyramid/ sand dune hehehhehee
All in all loving every single minute of this time. (apart from the heartburn n refluxes n itching) 😛 hope it all gets better soon, or atleast gets bearable. 🙂

Hope u all are well n i hope to catch up with every one real soon 🙂
till then take good care of ur selves