Whats happening now a days :P

Helloo all

Hope all have been well. I am not even going to start about how i haven’t been getting any time, by now u all know i haven’t been keeping my promise of being a regular, every time i think i will try, i get  busy or some thing comes up. i cant seem to put blogging into a routine for now, but hopefully maybe soon 🙂

Well i’ve been busy with my lil toddler who keeps me running after her, although she is such a sweet baby and doesn’t really misbehave but she wants me all the time. wud’nt do without me. but i love it 🙂 but yes i do get a lil irritated at times, coz i was a very active person and wud go out and do what not and now i am mostly home and making sure her routine is not disturbed. Guess u gotta give in a lot being a mom, so i guess its OK 🙂 she is definitely my first priority.

Lately i have been taking her out to my friends houses so that she learns to socialize and knows how to b outside her home. she starts preschool in Aug so i guess that would also make her a lot independent

Recently a couple from my gang become parents to two adorable twins, a boy and a girl. am planning to go visit them soon. and i cant wait for them to grow a lil older and for Tanisha to have a girl friend 🙂 Right now we have two girls and two boys babies in our gang. its sooo sweet though, we started off as just friends, then we all got committed and introduced our significant other in the gang, got married and now we are having babies and we all cannot wait for them all to play together 😀 one big happy gang hehehe

Another recent thing that happened that i got my self a Nikon Coolpix S5200, and sold my Samsung camera which was such a big mistake to begin with. i hated its results and so i stopped taking pics. Now this Camrea i like no wait  I LOVE IT.



I love its color and its results. it has a back-light that makes pictures more brighter even in a dark room. i took this pic below in just my Table lamp at night and u can see the result urself. its like amazing. you can see he picture clearly, no dark patch any where. now this is what i call a camrea 😀

side lamp 3 am no flash

Side lamp….3 am….no flash

Now i plan to take more pics, the way i used to, so hopefully you guys will see more from me…no promises though 😛

Take good care of ur selves

Love ya all



Overview of a year with my Babydoll

Hope all are having a good day. To be honest, i have been on my laptop almost every day ever since my last post, but all i did was play games and trust me i had been having better sleep. LOL! seriously i am not kidding. i have always been the person who needs to tire my mind before i sleep, n i did that best by playing mind games like bejeweled and similar kinds. last whole year i have hardly had time to b on my laptop so no games as such, only an occasional play on my cell but its not the same thing. So i have been playing Criminal case and loving it 🙂 “and sleeping well ;)” cartoonWoman So this whole year has been crazyyyyyy, from watching my tiny preemie getting better at responses to watching her grow and gain control to sit, n then crawl n then cruise. I went crazy every month n celebrated her monthly birthdays, i couldn’t wait for her to b 1 when i will finally retire to an annual birthday ( i know crazy me) so i would dress her up and even bring brownies or a cupcake, light a candle and sing happy birthday hehe. I watched her smile at toys and acknowledge every day things. Watched her go crab style on her walker (walking sideways on tippy toes). she started to play with a cup and a spoon, started to mix and make u eat what she cooked. she would get excited to see our dog Pepsi and would want to go out to play with it. She started walking 15 days after her 1st Birthday, 3 days before mine, a perfect birthday gift for me from her 😀 and there was no stopping her from then onward hehe baby-growth-development-cartoon-vector-illustration-girl-embryo-to-toddler-31181098 She has also started to say mama, baba, bye, Pechi (pepsi). apart from that she babbles alot, all the time, it will just be a matter of time before all that starts to get clear and proper words will b on her lips 🙂 She  has started to show signs of her personality and becoming more and more aware of what she wants and when she wants and  how she wants it. If she wants a particular toy or a cereal she WILL WANT IT.  i know alot of this wil mellow down, i am just enjoying seeing how her personality is shaping. Ofcourse i wont let this be, i  do and will guide when and where needed so that every thing falls in place nicely. well, at times we can plan all we want but the kids turn out totally different. i am hoping mine wont disappoint me much 🙂 She will b 17 months this 26th, i know its kinnda early but i am planing to buy her a potty seat and start her getting accustomed with it. once dats done and we are comfy we can further move on to the training “fingers crossed”.she is not fully ready and the signs i see are not too much but we are working on it, so lets see when we achieve this milestone hehe Sooo i am sure u guys are bored as hell by now, i know i promised a quick overview of my entire year of hibernation and well in a brief summary here it is 🙂 You all take good care of ur self, until i bore u again with my next post hehe Have a great day Hugs n kisses

A lil Hello from a busy mom

Helloo again
I know i haven’t been keeping my promise ot being regular but trust me i do try to take out time to open my laptop. its just that my lil pumpkin only takes a 1.5 hours nap in the day, n there are so many things waiting for that slot to happen, wash her cloths or iron her cloths or wash her bottles or i take a shower or i relax or rest. half of the time i don’t even want to do any thing, i just wanna lay down n relax or just play a lil xbox n have some recreation. i must say being a mom is such a hectic job but equally rewarding and i have no regrets about that. so what if i cant do alot of things i used to do. right now my daughter needs my attention. in another few months she will start preschool then i can hopefully do what ever the hell i wana do in those few morning hours 🙂 *fingers crossed* Lets see how that routine shapes up once it starts. still some time to go before that 🙂

Busy mom

This is me at times……..

Meanwhile i really hope to juggle every thing at the right pace and manage my life a lil more, and trust me i am not even half as busy as most moms, thank god i don’t have to clean the house or cook, but i still have to clear up the mess my daughter makes of her toys in the room. A salute to all the busy moms out there who manage their babies as well as the entire house

So today i thought i will just say a lil hello to you all before i start playing a few games on Facebook and do nothing and i mean absolutely nothing else 😀 hehe. so off i go to have some fun.
Talk to u all sooooon

Hugs n Kisses


WOW it feels like ages since i last posted any thing here, life has been busy as hell with the baby but now i am really hoping to get back and keep if no regularly at least on n off.

im back

Right so alot has happened during all this time of hibernating. well i wasn’t really hibernating as such (i wish) but have been on my toes meeting my baby’s needs and totally loving being a mom. no doubts is a hell of a tiring job but totally rewarding 🙂

i feel like bursting my heart out here n writing all about it but i shall take it easy.

for now all i would say is that the reason i think i will b more regular now is coz now our routine is a lil better, so i know when i can give some time to my writing without having to stop in the middle or panic if she wakes up in the middle of my post haha. Also making this possible is my new tiny lil Laptop that i asked hubby for or 4th anniversary last month. soooo yea am kinnda bragging about it hehe.

Arighty so i shal soon write another post giving in a quick over view of my so called hibernating time

Love u allll


Happy Lucky day 23rd May 2013

Yesterday has got to be one of my most happy lucky day in the blogging world hehe, i got an award after so long, then i got my first 100th follower, n since then it has gone up to 106 as of now, and then it turned out to be my MOST LIKED DAY


Am flying in the air right now and just loving it, but for this kinnda progress i definitely have to be a regular at blogging n not lazy out like i always do, this is such a great encouragement . 🙂
Simply loving it

Bubyeeee 2011 (an Overview)


Finally the day has come. All my friends are going to Port grand to celebrate new year’s eve, hoping it will be good. As am sitting in my room thinking what i will wear at night, how cold it will be and what will look good, my mind crawled into the memories of this now almost ending year. This year has been really good and really bad at the same time. Good for my personal life, bad for the surroundings coz my country got all messed up, so many people died this year coz of one thing or another and the situation in my country just got really bad, but thats all a part of life i guess. Anyways Before i go into detail, a little info here is that before 2011 i had small group of 5 people who i hang out with. 3 girls and 3 guys including my hubby.  Let me go through each month now.

January: Starting from the new year which i had spent with my two really good friends N n Mb and my husband FL on my roof top with a bone fire, yummy pizza and a whole liter of coke. Since i had just gotten married 1 month earlier i.e end of Nov, i was still getting used to the new house and people in it. 11 Jan 2011 Dinner at Baithak with the gang n Tea at Seaview Also went to Hyderabad on 21st till 23rd to attend a wedding in my in-laws. The trip was really fun 🙂

February: This months starts with birthday of my husband and mother in law. We celebrated their birthday at home and had loads of fun.6th went for a movie and later celebrated FL’s birthday wid AnO at pie in the sky. My darling husband took me for a sushi dinner on valentines day 14th 😀 and just two days later my family went to the beach. Had an amazing time. 16th went to Nando’s with AnO, Nb and Ateek for dinner Then came a very amazing news, one of my really close friend M was getting engaged end of Feb to be wedded in June. It was a nice event and she looked very beautiful Mashallah 🙂

March: Entire march was spent preparing for another wedding of another guy from my group Nb, that was scheduled for April.

April: 20th April we got ready n went to Nb’s mehandi where our preparations ended with flying colors and our dances were really good. My Best friend Bee was getting married to Z on 22nd, same day as Nb’s but i was sad to not be able to attend her’s coz she lives in Bangkok and i couldn’t go,I mean hellooooo she has been my best friend for life, we know each other since childhood and it just hurts that i coudnt be there for the best day of her life 😦 24th we attended Nb’s valima, His bride H is soooo adorable and a good addition to our gang:D NbnH make a cute couple Mashallah. NbnH left for honeymoon to Malaysia end April. 30th went to dinner with gang at Arabian Nights

May: Once again May was spent preparing for M’s wedding, and in mid NbnH returned from Malaysia and me and my Hubby took a trip to Lahore to visit my family for a week. Loved the trip.

June: Half June was again gone in our practices, including 1st n 3rd to b M’s and F’s maiyon, and Nikkah on 10th. Mehandi on 11th n wedding on 12th June  and then she went to Lahore for her Valima and later to Malaysia for their honeymoon 😀

July: Dance preparations for N and Mb’s wedding started and we all got busy with that as Ramadan was starting soon so we had to get done with our practice before then.8th wished my brother in law and 12th wished my nephew Zm for their birthday and 30th wished my sister a happy birthday and later went to dinner at Arabian Nights

August: Holy month of Ramadan and our fasting starts, 8th went for dinner at Port grand with gang. MnF had gotten back from their honeymoon and so we all planned a beach ifftari on the 15th. Another friend “Mi” had been having problems for long and had already stopped hanging out with us. and finally on 15th her anger came out in the worst of way. Even though we wished her on her birthday early Aug she had issues with every thing some how :s . Anyways dont wanna get into details just know that things started to get bad between us after that and we stopped communicating completely. 20th Aug A got engaged to O yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy and A turned 26 on 22nd and M arranged a surprised birthday at home for her hubby F 🙂

September: Finally the month of NnMb’s wedding came:))) 2nd Sep 3rd day of Eid went to dinner with friends. 3rd and 5th busy attending NnMb’s maiyon.6th their mehandi, 7th we went to O’s birthday at Arabian nights, 8th NnMb’s wedding and 11th Valima and so a long love story stepped onto a new level and the two become NnMb Officially 😀 and with this the last wedding of our group ended and our group got bigger. 5 couples turning into friends for life :))) 16th i baked a cake with A for my birthday n later in the night my hubby gave me a surprise at dinner where he had invited all my friends, where as i knew that he was taking me for dinner, just the two of us. Oooooooh also he gave me a Camera which was initially a lil tough to handle may be coz i was so used to my old one but i loveddddddddddd the new one :D. and even though “Mi” sent me a simple text on my birthday she deleted me off her list after i had put her on limited a few days back. Good riddens 🙂

October: As soon as Oct starts every one thinks of Halloween, well atleast i do if no one else 😛 Celebrated N’s birthday on the 11th and Halloween on the 29th as it was  a saturday at MnF’s house and H scared the pizza guy Muahahahhahhhaa.

November: A month full of events…..soooo so many of them 😀 13th was Mb’s birthday but my brother Sr (not maternal) was gettin married on 13th so we couldnt go to MB’s birthday that N had arranged at the beach, n went to Sr and N’s wedding. Sweet girl and they looked really good together, 15th was their valima 🙂 18th dinner at Butlers with AnO, 20th was Nb’s birthday that we celebrated at cafe koel and showered him with snow spray after dinner:P and 22nd i went to lunch at chatterbox with Ss (another friend of mine) and we celebrated Mb’s belated birthday at Cafe 76. after which A and another friend K stayed over at my dad’s with me for the night and we three had alot of fun :))) and finally 27th my first Wedding Anniversary, 😀 Time passed by so quickly who could tell 🙂  we cut the cake at home and later went to have dinner, on the way a stop in the way to dad’s with the cake. after dinner went to MnF’s house for coffee and they gave us anniversary gift, how sweeet they shouldn’t have :)))) ooo and alsooooo my hubby gifted me a laptop for our anniversary 😀 yayyyyyyyyyyy and also “Mi” sent a simple happy first anniversary text, n i replied with a simple thanks. and on 28th all girlies went ovr to NnMb’s house for a girls day out. really enjoyed ourselves

December: Last month of this most happening year!! A friend of mine Mm had come back to pakiland from the US after a very long time so we met up for breakfast at butlers on 8th. Had fun wid all the catchup we did :)) and 10th MnF, NnMb and me n FL went to the beach, AnO had gone to a norheren trip and NbnH couldnt make it to the beach. We all had alot of fun n I took so many pics after such a long time, Really enjoyed my self 🙂 Celebrated Christmas at NnMb’s on 24th and today 31st all ready now to leave for port grand with friends to celebrate new year. so for now i am off, shall  continue tomorrow n post:P on a second thought, i shall post this now n post wat happened at port grand n how  our new year was tomorrow 😀

Till next time take good care of ur self, and if i bored any one with my crazy chatter, well bear with it:P heheheh Have a Very happy New Year every one. :))