Last of My lil Coffee Cake :)

I finally have some strength to look at Coffee’s pics n dug up this adorable pic of mine with her that i took on 5th Dec 2012


Lil adorable soul, Love her to bits n miss her always. 🙂
Just wanted to share it all before i move on with life and other beautiful things heading my way. Am sure she is up there happy for me and jumping here n there like she always did.

Date of Birth: 6th March 2012
Date of Buying her: 15th July
Date of Selling her:17th Feb
Date of her Death: 18th April
Cause of Death: A home Accident, some thing fell on her n broke her jaw n she died on the operation table 😥

It still feels unreal n i really hope the guy lied to me n sold her off to some one else n shes still alive. 😦

Bigggggg Hugssssssssss to her.


5 Minute Friday – GOOD BYE!

5 Minutes Friday is hosted by  The Gypsy Mama every Friday where we write for five minutes right from the heart without self-editing, no backtracking or over-thinking on a given prompt.


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Today’s prompt: GOOD BYE

Ready…. Go

Good bye, as simple as it sounds its very hard to say, especially when you are saying it to some one you know is going out of ur life for good. How do you let that attachment, that love, that intensity for the person just go to ashes in the burning flame of a simple good bye so easily??? its soo difficult to just stand there, face your fears and tell that one person who meant the world to you, that its the end? a good bye?
you need alot of courage and strength to do it, knowingly, it kills you but still you have to be strong, for your self and for the other.


Wish it was as easy as saying it, things would be much simple. the hurting heart needs to lay back, the tears ready to fall from the corner of the eye needs to stay there a bit longer, the heart beating so fast needs to calm down a lil, the skin blushing with emotions needs to cool off a bit longer, till one is told off, Given a farewell………… A final good bye!


Okay, it’s your turn.  I look forward to reading your thoughts.

If You Leave Me


I can never think of a time
that i can spend without you
you have become so important to me
that life without you will be meaningless
i have loved you so purely and truely
then why is my love not answered
a moment without you is like an end
a life without you will be hell
Dont give me so much pain
Dont kill me before my death
I am ready to face any thing in life
only if you are with me
to encourage me n give me support
My life was messed up before you
You entered in and organized it
now if you leave me and go
My life will be shattered
I need you to be with me
to guide my life in an organized way
to tell me where i am wrong
and kiss me blues away
Since you came into my life
Flowers are my path
and happiness my way
If you ever leave me
My happiness will fade
and flowers will wither
My eyes will cry
n my heart will pain
My sunshine will set
Never to rise again
Please my love
Dont leave me and go
Because without you
I will be no more, No
Please promie to stay sweetheart
For never to be apart
If you go remember one thing forever
that my love for you will finish never
I love you

7th March 99′


I laid there still
with my eyes closed
feeling numb with a thrill
ready to be disposed

As I heard some noise
and some chants
of some girls and sum boys
uncles and aunts

I opened my eyes
and looked around
there were byes
in the background

Every thing was hazy
as I tried moving
think I saw a Daisy
but nothing was approving

Them! I wanted to touch
and tell that I care
that I love them much
and that am still there

as I open my lips
to admit how I feel
words just slips
seems like a seal

I shout I cry I scream
yet I cant be vocal
oh please, Let this all be a dream
but there aint no focal

being all panic
unable to motion
wish there was a magic
a spell, any potion

if only I get a chance
to do the undone
maybe a last dance
or a lil more fun?

I remembered a new dress
that I neva wore
will I eva play chess
I was so unsure

I lay there dead
unable to function
thousand words unsaid
there aint no option

as they begin
to take me away
I wanted to run
to find a way

I saw a grille
I wanted to hold
but my body was still
my hand were cold

please don’t cry
my dear friend
I really did try
to prolong the end

slowly moving ahead
it was time to part
hoping, now that am dead
I’ll be in Ur heart

now shall I depart n take a bow
though noone can fill my space
please believe & please know
that am in a better place

I loved U all
but I am no more
& I’ll miss U all
I swear, I swore!

6th April 06

“Since ur gone”


In the Memories of and Dedicated to our community fellow and a friend to many
“καbεεг” Aka “Red” aka “Hi Octane”

Since ur gone, therez
an Empty space..In my heart
I neva realized there will be
A time..When u’ll go far apart

Never to come back
Never to return
Living in the heavens
Above the shinning sun

u departed all too sudden
ur death left me in daze
Kabeer am gonna miss u
but with a smile on my face

Looking at the sky
am just gonna give u smiles
hoping u will c me
through all these distant miles

U will always be admired
just like a piece of an Art
and U will always be alive
deep down in my heart

13th Dec 2006′

Am not going to feel sad
and am not gonna cry
instead.. since i promised
with a smile i’ll luk at the sky
knowing u are watching
above the clouds so high
thinking about you gone
therez nothing but a Sigh
Damn i miss u soo much
Why did u leave… oh why