School Activity Update

Hello every one, i know i keep promising that i will b regular at posting some thing or an other but then i vanish like i never existed. once again i apologize. i know a lot of you have probably given up on me by now, i am not gonna make any more promises, ill just post when and as i can.
So a lil update on my life, my 2.5 years old has been taking up most of my time and so are her school activities. January they had an annual sports day, not that these lil kids actually did races or any thing but they had lil activities tat they did along with their teachers, it was super cuteĀ IMG_20160130_161506

I didn’t take too many pics coz off-course i was busy making videos of all the activities my lil doll was doing. i know i could get hold of the pics form the school’s website but i just had to CATCH the moment šŸ˜€
Once that was done n over with the school started preparing so the annual concert/function day. my Daughter’s class was acting on the nursery rhyme down by the bay and it was funny to watch her trying to sing it all day long hehe kids are too cute that way šŸ˜€


After all the acts, all the pre-nursery to Class 1 kids participated in a final song. so every one got to b on the stage at once:)
I so encourage kids to take part in such school activities coz i feel these things encourages kids to be independent and proactive also it brings out their artistic side and a feeling of belonging to the institute. i grew up taking part in all extra activities in the school and i am hoping to support my kids in doing the same.

I know this is not like my regular post but hey am a mommy now so there will be kids updates on and off which i am sure atleast the mommy followers will enjoy and would be able to relate to šŸ˜€

So how do you bring out the artistic/active side of ur kids? do let me know šŸ™‚
Untill next time,

Take goood care of ur selves
Love you alll




Preggy Updates


I have been thinking to write some thing about my Ā pregnancy for soo long but have been either busy or lazy or just lay off laptop. i know i said i will write updates and this and that, n but honestly most of the days i don’t even feel like sitting on net, i’d just check emails from my cell n that’s about good for me. Ā So finally i gathered enough will to write atleast some thing hehe

To begin with no matter how much i wanted to get pregnant i had NO idea this is what i will have to go through. you must be thinking am talking about all the symptoms women usually crib about but i was seriously lucky to not go through most of them. for instance i had absolutely no morning sickness, nausea or any of this first trimester monsters that most women dread about. i was eating n sleeping fine, infact if my Mom in law wudnt tell me to be careful and rest i’d forget half of the times that i am even pregnant lol
First trimester went by like the blink of an eye. Second trimester definitely brought some symptoms like the sciatic pain in my right leg (Oh god it was bad), itchiness and feeling hot as hell was. and then came a time when i cudnt even eat an egg for breakfast coz i wud instantly break into sweat for the rest of the day. so no more eggs for me for breakfast, i shifted to butter n bread only to realize that the burning sensation i get in my left chest is not my gall bladder instead is a heartburn LOL initially i thought i had gall stones lol. also i know i would have to get new cloths for my self just wasn’t sure when until this happened šŸ˜›
ImageSo i got my self some loose shirts made from tailor that i could wear n be comfortable in without feeling too much itchy n hot.

Now 30 weeks past, sitting in my 3rd trimester the symptoms i feel are itchiness (LOADS OF IT), feeling hot, heartburn and at times a little difficulty in sleeping especially when my lil one is sitting on one side.

Well the reason i thought of writing this post today was to share the great news that i finally went shopping


I had been wanting to start shopping right after my 3rd month but i wanted to wait a lil longer, just to be sure, just to be on a safer side n just till i am sure of what colors i wanna get. That too took way too longer then i expected coz every time i’d go for an ultrasound the baby’s position wasnt “favorable” as i was told. It was a relief when finally i found out, but for every one else, they gotta wait till the baby is finally here šŸ˜€ that shall be another happy post on my blog, i dont promise an instant posting since i dunno how my routine will get but will make sure i announce it as soon as i can.


During the last two months i also attended stitching classes, just thought an added skill wont hurt, it was only 8 classes crash course n i sorta learnt the basics of how to do pants and a simple shirt. not that i plan to make baby cloths but I had always wanted to learn stitching and this seemed like the perfect time to keep my mind off my self and get busy with some thing constructive. I do need alot more practice but i’;ve gotten the ropes so yayyy

Finally came the shopping days šŸ˜€Ā First i had gone with my mom in law to just chk out things and prices, then i went n got cloths, loads of them,even though every one tells me they get wasted coz baby grows outta it, but how can u resist those adorable lil cloths n body suits now can u???? (A).

I love the fact of how organized i am lol. Like even when i was getting married i had boughts my cloth atleastĀ 4 months ahead of timeĀ and gotten them stitched when i still had 2 monthsĀ left. I like to keep prepared before time, i hate to run around in a rush, and forget impt things in process

ImageSo while i had nothing else to do, i made a list of times i will need categorizing them into bedding, bathing, grooming, cloths, traveling and additional accessories. and i listed things under each category that i wanted with the amount of each item i will need. This way when i went shopping all i did was chk out every item i would get and in the end i had a clear picture of what all is left.I got most accessories like cloths n blankets, wrapping sheets, nail clippers etc., will get bigger stuff like crib n baby stuff drawers n car seat n other things like those, start of 9th month.


As the time is passing now, am getting more n more excited, tired and impatient. I cannot wait to have my lil one in my arms, get off all the irritating symptoms and feel normal again, ready to begin a new chapter of life but at the same time i am really enjoying this time that i have while the baby is still in there. I love watching its movements and kicks and at times we play games too, our fav for now is knock n respond hehe i knock n the baby responds. So now that am mostly done wid my shopping and most things on my agenda list, i am going to sit back and enjoy this one month before i begin shopping for big items. For now i shall drink alot of water, milk and sleep as much as i can . šŸ™‚

I honestly have no idea when i will write a post again but i think i have covered almost every thing in this one till now. So till you guys get a new update from me, enjoy this post n keep praying for all to go well for me & my lil one šŸ™‚

Sushi Treat

Hello all
Just thot to post sumthing since it seems like ages

Today (10th July 2013) me n hubby made a random plan for sushi
Since I cannot have raw meat right now I ordered for cucumber sushi, while hubby ordered for cucumber sushi, tuna sushi n volcano sushi for trial dat was made of salmon, eel sauce n mayo topped wid crushed shrimp crackers.
Cucumber n tuna sushi came first in the platter but we were too hungry to wait for a pic of platter so I just took pics of wat all I cud hehe


Didnt take any pic of tuna sushi but I just had to take the pic of the volcano sushi wen it arrived….. it was hugeeeee

Since there was mayo in it as well it turned out pretty heavy. Outta 8 pieces Hubby could only finish 5

But I wanted to eat more n only Cucumber sushi wasn’t enough for my hungry belly I ended up ordering Chicken Taypanyaki wid garlic rice
Oooo wat a bliss I ate like I had been hungry for ages lol



Stuffed and satisfied wid out food, we headed to the ground floor after paying the bill only to b called back from half way for our complimentary fried ice cream dat was ready on our table. I dunno why we got a complimentary ice cream but who cares
It was pretty good, only if we had more space in our sinfully stuffed tummies, we wud have finished it all, but couldn’t lol

Over all, it was a good outing n we really enjoyed ourselves. šŸ˜€

Run Down Event Updates


Helloo Allll

i figured if i start writing every event that i wanna share in flowery tone n details and what not i might never be able to get to the end of it, so instead i will just do a simple run down with may b dates and events and a lil comment about it so that i can get over with it, not that its gonna b too much fun any more that way n with no pictures, but i guessĀ that’sĀ the best way possible for now. Otherwise the LAZY ME will never get on with it. So here i am breaking the ice!!!

10th January: Hubby n I came back from Thailand (our long awaited Honeymoon trip of 10 days), over all it was amazing, plus my best friend lives there so was a good reunion too, had a lovely time there, also had a 2 nights 3 days short visit to Pattaya. Simply loved it šŸ™‚

12-15th January: Attended my friend’s wedding here, was the main reason to come back to early otherwise i prolly wud have stayed back with my friend and hubby cud have come back for his work, but i guessĀ everyĀ thing happens for a reason and am glad i came back with hubby šŸ™‚

27th January: I found out the best news of my life, the news i had been waiting for, for sooo long šŸ˜€ YES i am pregnant šŸ˜€ yayyy feels good to finally let it out on my blog here hehe. Hence it was nice i came back with hubby, he was the happiest on the news offcourse, so were my family nĀ in-lawsĀ  Actually on 26th i just did a random test and i was sooo sure it wud be just one line and i thot to my self fine i will do it, not like am preggy, but when i saw a faint line i FREAKED out, i instantly took the pic of the strip n sent it to my best friend (god bless whatsapp) and she called and asked me to take another test which i did and the line was much clearer. but iĀ wasn’tĀ gonna get my hopes high, so on 27th i went with my mom in law (since we live with her) n got my blood test done in the morning. I came back from the clinic n then broke the news to Hubby that I think ur gonna be a daddy šŸ™‚ i chked the result online at 3pm and it confirmed i was very much Pregnant. LOL now that i let it out here, i wanna keep writing it again n again lol (crazy excited me)

17thĀ February: I had started to feel that iĀ couldn’tĀ take care of Coffee, (for new readers) the new poodle pup i had gotten in July 2012. I would still have to leash her every time i took her out for a pee and she wud wanna run and resist, the pulls started to give me strain and pressure in my abdomen and i knew with time i will totally not be able to take care of her, and hubby is mostly busy at work, so i cant expect him to be available for her walk around needs, so i had to take a decision and on 17th Feb i sold her, hoping she wud have a good life and will be taken good care of, since the guy who got her was all happy and stuff. so with a heavy heart i let her go. but the good thing was that she just went away, well in a way it was weird coz sheĀ didn’tĀ even stop to look back she was all too happy to be going. good it was coz i knew she wud adjust there and wont have aĀ problemĀ  sad coz it made me feel that i stillĀ haven’tĀ been able to make her MY DOG.Ā HubbyĀ had a big face made for 2 days coz he was too sad and wanted to keep her but i knew he will not be able to takeĀ responsibilityĀ as needed with time and it was best to let her go

3rd March: My doc told me that i really need to rest and take things easy, coz i kept feeling heavy and crampy and she said its not good. so i had some good long bed rest, Kept going to shops for various things on n off but mostly was trying to take things easy. LOL cant help it i am a restless soul šŸ˜›

21st March:Ā iĀ hadn’tĀ told my gang till now, n it was getting frustrating, i wanted to just shout out my news, am not the person ti keep my happiness to my self but like every one says let the 3 months pass, let the risky time go and wat not, so by now I couldn’tĀ hold the news any long and just HAD to share it with my gang so on 21st i arranged a dinner at my place, called my gang of 8 couples, after the dinner while the girls were collecting plates n clearing the table “Hibs” told me how she and “Nom” talked on their way to our place n guessed y i had called all on dinner, she said i said mayb she is expecting, or mayb her hubby got a promotion (they forgot my hubby works for himself soĀ there’sĀ no point of promotion :P) , i just looked at her smiled and said hey cant i call u all for dinner without any reason? šŸ˜› hehehhe. Later all settled on sofas and i finally brokeĀ the news to “Natz” who had predicted last year that this year all of us will get preggy. so i told her dude ur prediction is true. and told “Hibs” ur discussion in the car was right, n then i started to blush lol. i swear it was totally unintentional. Hearing this Ana, K and M also jumped with happiness and they all congratulated me. The guys congratulated my hubby. It finally felt good to tell them and not have to lie why i am not making any plans or getting tired every time i go to their place and have my back aches and what not hehhee, i could finally b open to them šŸ™‚ the girls screamed and danced and started going crazy about how they wanna arrange my baby shower lol i tell u they are some real crazy girls, n i love them to bits :)))

20th April: The guy who took Coffee called and informed that she expired 2 days back. had a slight accident in their store, where she was with his wife and some thing fell from the top shelf and broke her jaw. he took her to the hospital and the doc started to operate but she cudnt make it and died on the table. šŸ˜„ After hearing this i was furious with the guy that he cudnt take care of her n all. i was too sad, but later i also thought, now i might beĀ selfishĀ here but i thought that If she had to go at this time anyways am kinnda glad she was not in front of me, Coz i wudnt have had been able to deal with it especially with my slightly high rick pregnancy. šŸ˜¦ May she rest in peace. I will always love her, I would attach her pic here for new readers but am still not able to see her pics, it still hurts. so those who don’t know about her can just scroll in my blog and see my pretty lil coffee cake. šŸ™‚

27th April: Today i finally thot its about time that i share stuff otherwise i will keep sitting and before i know it it will be the end of this year. Now i will also start my preggy updates so those who are not much eager about it IF i mean may ignore it šŸ™‚Ā Up tillĀ now iĀ haveĀ beenĀ writingĀ an every day diary of wat i eat, what i feel, symptoms, and any movements and wat i felt about doc appointments and what meds she told me when, and when i had my ultrasounds, how my weight is going and stuff like that just so i keep an over all record, and also will may b telly it with my next pregnancy if needed. šŸ™‚

Aaaah šŸ™‚ Finally I can start from every day stuff i hope i don’t lazy out now šŸ™‚ Hope u all enjoy my run down post. Keep coming back for more

love u allll n big hugssssssss


Pattaya Trip Day 1

1st Jan 2013
New year was great, we came home early n packed our bags for 2 days stay in Pattaya n slept for an early start. Morning we were all ready to leave, enjoyed the swing outside my friend’s house and took a pic of lush green garden till out Cab came to take us to the bus station.


Once at bus station, we took our tickets n settled in our seats in the bus, i wasĀ luckyĀ to get frontal seat coz i am one of those who get motion sickness so any seats at the back are like not too good for me, got water for the way šŸ˜€Image

The ride was not that bad, i was sleeping most of the way. Finally reached Pattaya, got a taxi pickup that canĀ accommodateĀ atelast 8 comfortably. we were lucky to have just 6 with every one’sĀ luggageĀ it was comfortable enough and am sure thereĀ couldn’tĀ have been room for another person. The pick up truck asked every one where they wanted to go and kept dropping off people as their hotels approached
iĀ didn’tĀ take a pic of that pickup so picked it form the web for posting here


The pickup dropped us to our hotel, A One Royal Cruise Hotel. very nicely done had two wings, the reception was friendly and had a happy new year sign since it was 1st Jan, Felt welcoming šŸ™‚

The check-in in took almost 45 minutes, i was tired n starving n cudnt wait to get settled in the room,Ā freshen upĀ and hunt out for food, so while waiting o took a few more pics of the lobby among which i really liked the flower pots hehe

Finally in the room, the entire hotel is themed and built in the shape of a cruise, and so the rooms were the same theme, the mirror was in a big emergency floating tire, the pillow covers were in navy blue n white. and the walls had paintings of a sailor’s hand salute and a couple holding hands by the sea


After settling in we went out in search of food, it was almost late afternoon, so we hardly found any thing open for lunch. we start to the right side from the hotel.Ā WalkingĀ for a good long 15 minutes (it felt long with the sun n hunger) lol we found a restaurant named Tavern by the sea.


We ordered stir fry chicken withĀ cashewĀ nuts and sticky rice (our fav dish), orange juice for hubby and water for me ( i was sorta dieting) and attacked it so instantly that i hardly got to take any pics of it.

Back in the room, i made tea for my self n hubby from ourĀ complementaryĀ Tea set, and iĀ reallyĀ liked theĀ stirrerĀ  it was in the shape of a oar. sooo cute i totally wanted to bring it home as aĀ souvenirĀ  šŸ˜›


Our hotel was at the sea front, like u can just walk out the back side, cross the road and ur at the sea, we hubby n I went to the shore to enjoy our evening, they have a good arrangement with loads of chairs that they take 50 baht for an hour, and u can sit on them n enjoy the sea n the waves, the breeze and wat not.Image


We spend some good two hours there, time just flew. weĀ enjoyedĀ the sunset took like a million pics, also a few of our hotel that now looked amazing with all the lights on


From the beach we decided to walk in left direction and see what all is there, finally decided forĀ ItalianĀ place, that had a long lane with chairs on oneĀ sideĀ and sort of an art gallery, well not really but had alot of paintingsĀ keptĀ here n there, probably for the tourists to buy. some of them were really amazing


We ordered garlic bread n pina colada for hubby, coke for me and chicken pizza. I wanted to be safe and not order any thing i would’nt wanna eat.

The garlic bread had big chunks of garlic, ewwwww


The pizza luked a lil burnt and the chicken just seemed like boiled pieces with hardly any taste, but we still had it coz we were way too hungry.


After dinner we walked back to our hotel, picked a few munchies from 7/11 for the night but tired from the entire day, we retired to bed almost instantly šŸ™‚

Our first day at Pattaya was amazing over all, we simply loved it andĀ couldn’tĀ wait for our second day where we planned to explore a lil more and do some activities

Take tuned for more from the Pattaya trip in my next post. šŸ˜‰

Bangkok Trip story

Part 1 (Day 30th Dec 2012- Day 31st Dec 2012)

So i have been putting up writing about my trip for so long now, so much has happened in between my arrival back till now but am not gonna get into that at this point, will share that in a diff post šŸ™‚ So since it had been such a long time that i actually thought i will notĀ rememberĀ what all i wanted to share. thank god i had the pictures saved in aĀ separateĀ folder, and while editing them today it all just came back to me, fresh as it just happened yesterday.
So here we go

On blog the last thing i shared was me on the airport n the a sunrise atĀ BangkokĀ airport n my friend was at the airport with her hubby to collect us šŸ™‚

we went home all happy andĀ cheeringĀ  although i was a lil tired form the flight n coz iĀ wasn’tĀ too well it feltĀ moreĀ tiring then usual. after a light breakfast we slept for a whileĀ sinceĀ it was only early morning that we reached. For lunch we went out to to a Mall and from there i told my friend that i wanna visit another Mall so she and hubby can go home and me and hubby will take a BTS (BangkokĀ transit system) to the mall n then will come home in the Cab. Since itĀ wasn’tĀ my very first time toĀ BangkokĀ  i just revised the routes with my friend n off me n hubby went exploring the world hehe. got a few stuff for friends back home from that mall and by late evening reached home all tired. i cud have just hit the bed instantly but instead we had dinner and then watched a movie with my friends. finally the day came to an end, by now my head was spinning with the flight travel (u know how u feelĀ disorientedĀ and loose balance every now n then after almost a train travel) i felt miserable.

But nothing that a good nights sleep cant do, so the next morning we woke up fresh and ready for the day. My friend had to takeĀ herĀ 4 months old daughter for a doc chk-up so we tagged along and after the doc’s visit stopped atĀ StarbucksĀ for sum yummy caramel coffee nĀ cinnamonĀ roll for hubby and hot chocolate and sum yummyĀ EspressoĀ brownie for me . OMG its like out of the world n literally melts in the mouth šŸ˜€


Cinnamon Roll, Caremal coffee and Espresso Brownie


“Melt in the Mouth” Espresso Brownie


Hot Chocolate

We went home after our yummy for the tummy session. Left the sleeping baby at home with the maid. and again left for a near by new mall that had just opened. this time my friend’s Shih tzu “Ruby” came along.


Off courseĀ we had to leave her in the car. weĀ weren’tĀ sure if the mall allows pets in. and we planned to come back quickly. in the Mall we saw the most adorable littleĀ PomeranianĀ . i get a better picture of this happy hyper lil puppy. and we thought if we knew we wud have brought Ruby in with us.:)


Lil furry Pomeranian

It was a nice mall but alot of shops were still waiting to open up, so our trip to it was much quicker since we just strolled along the entire mall to see wat all is there, n took a few pics of me n hubby šŸ™‚


Back home we relaxed a little. There is a nice little pond along with a walking strip in theĀ condominiumsĀ where my friend lives. I have always enjoyed walking there and sitting by the pond, watching koi’s swim by, so i took hubby out for a walk and later sat on the benches near the pond and enjoyed the fresh breath ofĀ BangkokĀ night.

It was all so peace, i wanted the moment to cease.:))


Finally its the New year so we kept it light for the day since we knew we will go out in the night, yet had to come back early coz me n hubby planned to leave for Pattaya the very next morning. All dressed for the celebrations we went off to a roof top of a high rise hotel to celebrate the new years eve while watching the fireworks



Our sofa’s boomed with theĀ vibrationĀ of the fireworks. It was amazing.


With the count down, it was aĀ beginningĀ of a new year. Cheers and whistles all in the air along with the fireworks wishing it to be a Very Happy New Year šŸ™‚

Sooo wat did u all do for the new year?

8 Months old…. Coffee

My lil baby doll, Coffee turned 8 months old on 6th Dec and I dedicated my status to her

“Happy 8 month birthday to my lil Coffee cake, as irritating as any young one may be, u r still my adorable doll who wins my heart with her crazy acts, jumps n wags every single day šŸ˜€ love u my baby doll Mwahhhhhhhhhhh”

She is such an adorable lil one, even though mostly i loose my patience on her and cant stop comparing her activeness with Pepsi’s mellowness, but then pepsi is now 8 Years old, and coffee is just 8 months, still very much in her puppy hood and obviously will be more active and playful, which i really don’t mind, I think i had forgotten how pepsi’s puppy hood was, since it seems like such an old thing, despite that fact that Coffee really pushes me over the limit at times with my patience, i still adore her and enjoying her craziness. I love walking her, thanks to her i lost a few pounds too šŸ˜›

Coffee knew it was her 8th month birthday and so she kept running around excitedly with me flying behind her, leash in my hand lol, finally i got her to sit and so i took her pic.


She does not look too happy in this pic now does she, she wanted to play a lil more:P but i did notice that she looks all grown up now šŸ™‚ My lil bundle of joy, i neva thought i will be able to love her as much as i love Pepsi but i think i do, it took sum time but i really do now and cant think of her not being in my life. šŸ™‚