Pepsi’s Health updates

Saturday it is and i took Pepsi to the vet today for her chk up. I told him i haven’t noticed any discharge lately but just a slight mucus today. he checked and said yes there is a lil wetness but no puss for now. told me to continue antibiotic for another two days and then stop and bring on Saturday. He wants to see how it goes after stopping the medicine. Also told me to clip a lil hair since the weather has suddenly gone warmer. so very soon i will b giving her a lil hair cut.

Pepsi and us on our way to the Vet

           Pepsi and us on our way to the Vet

For now things look much better and Pepsi looks happy. May be because i have been giving her more time then i had been able to in the last year or so. Ive changed her diet a lil and she seems to be getting on the health ladder. i hope i can bring her back in shape 🙂

Thank you all for keeping up with her posts. i’l keep every one updated 🙂

Take good care of ur selves and have a lovely weekend


Pepsi’s Updates

The results are in and as the doctor thought, its Poymetra. also there are traces of a few lil cysts in her Uterus.

The Doctor said he will not risk the surgery with Pepsi at this age so he will carry on treating her with medicine. It would have been more dangerous if it was a close case but the good thing is that it is an open Poymetra and she will keep discharging it. He did say that as long as she is walking running and eating normal its all good but i have to accept reality and make my mind and know that for this breed Pepsi is now living her golden years. 😥
For now i cannot even think about a horrible thing like this but i cannot deny the fact either.

I am really hoping for her to get better with medicine. i have to give her antibiotic this whole week and take her to the vet on Saturday. “Fingers crossed”

Well Thats all for now,

Until next time, take good care of ur selves

Food in a week

Food can b so amazing, no matter wat we r busy into, we always find out time to eat from simple to the most exotic food….but wen u dont have much options u gotta make the best of wat u have 🙂 I had sum yummies this last week First a healthy yummy breakfast…..


I know alot of ppl will says dats not healthy its a fried egg n buttered bread. But I feel that for an average person its good enough. But yes for someone who is trying to diet this may be a little toooo healthy hehe Then I had my fav cup of tea


Two teabags of lipton makes me a perfect strong tea to kickstart the day One of the evenings I went to dads for a night stay n we went out n gobbled on icecream


Scoop of chocolate & coffee, topped wid hard dark chocolate sauce n soft chocolate sauce & a little sprinkle of chocolate sprinkles, nuts n cookie 😀 *Slurp* Later for dinner I made hotdogs for me n dad


I started with cutting out the buns, I had cut a cheese slice in 3, n used 2 pieces of cheese in each hotdog. A little spread of mayo, just a thin line from one end to another of the bun. I tried to steam boil the sausage so it remain soft n juicy, only boiling makes it a lil dry I feel. Sooo I placed freshly steam boiled sausage in each hotdog over the cheese, helps it melt fast…. Then a fine line of ketchup and a zigzag of mustard (makes my hotdogs luk prettyyyyyy) oooh I also had a few frozen fries that I fried to go with the hotdogs…… Was fun! Another morning I was out for some work and grabbed a sandwich from Dunkins for hubby n myself


Wat else is better to celebrate a beautiful day wid Dunkins egg n cheese sandwich… I loveeeeee them but only once or twice a year… Too much will eventually make me luk like a donut :p We finally have some winters, I was enjoying an evening wid my mom in law…. The best drink I could find my self to enjoy the evening with was


Warm ovaltine wid a lil sprinkle of cocoa just to look good 😀 Wow my post makes me look like such a fatty lol. I just like to enjoy good flavors but offcourse in a limited quantity… I hate depriving my self and I feel we shouldn’t. If I feel like eating sumthing I will, in a quantity that wont harm much followed with extra 20 mins of walk:)

All I would say is that one should eat n stay healthy, dont deprive ur self but yes dont go over board as well:)

Amazing Thursday :D

3rd May 2012

I know i havnt been posting much lately just had been a lil busy with family and farmville (A) but i have sumthing amazing to share, for all the times i had been cursing my self to start a regular exercise, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep my weight in check, i failed miserably after 2 days of workout, i could so not carry it on for a longer time. No matter how many times i thought i will do my step jogging, since its better then doing nothing. but i would do it for 2/3 days n then forget for 5 days resulting in a bad muscle shape. I had also been thinking to start swimming for 2 years now but i just never really went.
So on 3rd May thursday while i was visiting my dad, i finally picked up a friend of mine and went to the club near dad’s place who allow non members to swim with a minimal per day fee for an hour, it sounded very reasonable adn suitable to me that i dont have to keep going every day, I only pay as i go.

As i parked the car in their parking lot, i felt a little nervouse as i was about to be swimming after almost 20 years. My friend K sat on the chairs while i went to change and shower. walkin towards the pool i kept looking at the water amd decided i should first step in the shallow water and see how it goes, so i climbs the steps, felt the water welcome me, then i did my breathing exercise. it was sad coz i realized i have lost my strength and the ability to control my breath for long. I did the exercise where i was holding on to the side of the pool and let my body float on water while i hold my breath. once i felt i was comfortable with that i tried the floating, only did it like 5/6 steps away from the side and i had to stop for a breath. i was litereally taking baby steps no matter how much i wanted to swim lengths freely like i did way back when i used to swim, Lets just say i was still a kid then so it has to be more then 20 years. 🙂 after 30 minutes passed, i was floating, doing the frog stroke, tried a lil freestyle and back stroke. by 50 minutes of session i was much more comfortable and was actually enjoying the water (I always had). I told my friend that next time she should try it too, it will b fun. Finally it was time off, i got outta pool, showered n changed, and went to dad’s with K. Later in the evening my hubby came, we dropped K at her place and i came home with my hubby.


I am soooo glad that i finally took that one step and went for the swim coz now i plan to go if not more atleast twice a week. and i think that should b good enough along with my jogs and walks and green tea and more fruits intake 🙂 also i am feeling good, no doubts in the morning my body was hurting like any thing, my muscles were so hard it was hard to move, even the muscles in my back feel workedup, which is good coz no matter what exercise i did, i could never make the muscles of my back enjoy the effects. Now i am more sure that i wanna swim twice a week. I just hope i continue it and not quit in the middle.

So, Over all Yup had a great thursday and felt soo amazing and exhilarating 🙂

Have you ever tried to do something you had been meaning to do for long? if yes, how did you feel? 🙂

Take care all and have a great weekend 🙂 Make it meaningful! 🙂