Thank you my Followers :D

Oh my oh my i think i have been waiting for this day since the day i started my blog which was 27th Decc2011, although i have to admit i wasn’t much regular, otherwise am sure this would have happened way before, but yayyy am soo happy right now 😀

I have 100 followers,that might not seem like a very big number but is really amazing 😀 so  Wohoooo :D, if only my hubby wasnt sleeping like a soundless lil adorable baby next to me, i’d be jumping up n down with excitement hehehhe


I’d like to thank my 100th follower Trainer Trish 😀


I’d like to thank all my followers who liked my blog enough to actually follow me, i hope i never disappoint you and keep posting stuff that will keep ur interest 🙂

Thank you all once again for liking my blog and encouraging me every day to go on with my writing with ur likes on my each post. Such a good feeling 😀
Aaaaah am gonna sleep with a smile tonight, take care all n hope u all have a lovely day.


“I Wish”


I wish if u were here
with me right now
I wud have hid in ur arms
away from all fears
i wud have hugged u tight
and wud have slept in ur lap
you wud have kissed me
on my forehead
and made me comfortable
I wud have told u
that i am scared
and u wud have sat
next to my bed
and made me feel safe
to go to sleep
i wud have held ur hand
& pretended to be safe n confident
to fight all the fears away
I wish if u were here
i wud have told u
that how safe i feel
when i am in ur arms
i wud have told u
how much i love u
i wud have told u
and how happy i am
when i am with u
I wish if u were here
I wud have told u
how much i miss u
Please come back………..

5th Nov 97′