Pepsi’s Health updates

Saturday it is and i took Pepsi to the vet today for her chk up. I told him i haven’t noticed any discharge lately but just a slight mucus today. he checked and said yes there is a lil wetness but no puss for now. told me to continue antibiotic for another two days and then stop and bring on Saturday. He wants to see how it goes after stopping the medicine. Also told me to clip a lil hair since the weather has suddenly gone warmer. so very soon i will b giving her a lil hair cut.

Pepsi and us on our way to the Vet

           Pepsi and us on our way to the Vet

For now things look much better and Pepsi looks happy. May be because i have been giving her more time then i had been able to in the last year or so. Ive changed her diet a lil and she seems to be getting on the health ladder. i hope i can bring her back in shape 🙂

Thank you all for keeping up with her posts. i’l keep every one updated 🙂

Take good care of ur selves and have a lovely weekend


Pepsi’s Updates

The results are in and as the doctor thought, its Poymetra. also there are traces of a few lil cysts in her Uterus.

The Doctor said he will not risk the surgery with Pepsi at this age so he will carry on treating her with medicine. It would have been more dangerous if it was a close case but the good thing is that it is an open Poymetra and she will keep discharging it. He did say that as long as she is walking running and eating normal its all good but i have to accept reality and make my mind and know that for this breed Pepsi is now living her golden years. 😥
For now i cannot even think about a horrible thing like this but i cannot deny the fact either.

I am really hoping for her to get better with medicine. i have to give her antibiotic this whole week and take her to the vet on Saturday. “Fingers crossed”

Well Thats all for now,

Until next time, take good care of ur selves

Concerned about Pepsi

I am lil concerned about Pepsi.

For those who are new to my blog or reading this for the first time, Pepsi is my french poodle, 11 years old and ive had her since she was 2.5 months. We have been thru a lot and have helped each other recover over different things. so yes there is A LOT of bonding. and yes this dog on my page is her

Yesterday i gave Pepsi a bath. and as i was brushing her, i noticed a slight discharge, that got me concerned, also i couldn’t help but notice how thin she has become, . So i took her to the vet today, he told me it cud be puss in uterus which is common in old age, but ti b on a safer side i should get her blood profile and uterus ultrasound done, he told me usually this condition (pyometra) is treated with a surgery and removing of uterus but because of her old age, if this is he case we will treat her with medicines. He told me to start her on an antibiotic as soon as i get the blood profile n ultrasound done. so right after i left is clinic i rushed to the animal Lab and get the blood profile and ultrasound done. ill get the result on Monday. till then i am hoping al to b fine and i hope there is nothing serious behind Pepsi going so weak

She does look all fine ad happy, i gave her a lil haircut as well yesterday so that i can manage he grooming better which with a toddler gets a lil difficult.

Protesting look right after the haircut

Protesting look right after the haircut

My happy lil Pepsi

My happy lil Pepsi

I just wanted to share this with u all, will keep u guys updated about her result and vets decision on treatment. fingers crossed until next week
Take good care of yourselves

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Oooo wow dats an awards after such long long time 😀 Thank you Lorain of Dogdaz for this lovely award, even though i havnt been much regular at posting stuff but its reallllly sweet of you to nominate me 🙂 Readers, if u are into animals and pets, you should definitely chk this blog out, i love reading tiny bits n pieces on how the animals at Dogdaz spend their days n have their own moods and expressions for diff things. you will really enjoy it 🙂


The rules for the Super Sweet Blogging Award are simple:

  • Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who nominated you: Thank you soooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh Lorain of Dogdaz
  • Answer five super sweet questions. (Below)
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in your blog post. (Done above)
  • Nominate a baker’s dozen bloggers (that’s 13, for those of you who don’t cook or visit  the pastry shop)Below

  • Notify your nominee on their blogs. (Will do it as soon as i post this)

Super Sweet Answers:

1. Cookies or Cake? I am in for both, cakes that aint too sweet n have a good blend of every thing in them are heavenly for me, and amazing cookies are always welcomes with a good cup of coffee 🙂

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? I am more of a chocolate person, even though thanks to my high insulin levels i am not supposed to have too much sweet but if given an option i will pick chocolate over vanilla any day 😀

3.  What is your favorite sweet treat?  For me it has to be Kitkat or OMG theres nuffin better then a good yummy creamy Dark chocolate Ice cream  i like cookie n cream too,and OMG now i wanna have it Swiss chocolate ice cream from Movenpick *DROOLS*

4.  When do you crave sweet things the most? when i am happy, i wanna celebrate with a sweet taste. or when i am too sad i wanna cheer up with a sweet taste 🙂

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? For some weird reason for a long long time, i kept my nick name on MIRC and yahoo chat as Sweetsugar lol dunno if this counts but otherwise umm i think choco bean or cookie 😛


I am going to start with a food fight and throw the cupcake at

(1) Tahoma beadworks & Photography
(2) Colline’s Blog
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ooo boy dat was a long long list lol okie so now FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Choose your confection and start throwing.  Thanks for the fun n award Lorain 🙂

8 Months old…. Coffee

My lil baby doll, Coffee turned 8 months old on 6th Dec and I dedicated my status to her

“Happy 8 month birthday to my lil Coffee cake, as irritating as any young one may be, u r still my adorable doll who wins my heart with her crazy acts, jumps n wags every single day 😀 love u my baby doll Mwahhhhhhhhhhh”

She is such an adorable lil one, even though mostly i loose my patience on her and cant stop comparing her activeness with Pepsi’s mellowness, but then pepsi is now 8 Years old, and coffee is just 8 months, still very much in her puppy hood and obviously will be more active and playful, which i really don’t mind, I think i had forgotten how pepsi’s puppy hood was, since it seems like such an old thing, despite that fact that Coffee really pushes me over the limit at times with my patience, i still adore her and enjoying her craziness. I love walking her, thanks to her i lost a few pounds too 😛

Coffee knew it was her 8th month birthday and so she kept running around excitedly with me flying behind her, leash in my hand lol, finally i got her to sit and so i took her pic.


She does not look too happy in this pic now does she, she wanted to play a lil more:P but i did notice that she looks all grown up now 🙂 My lil bundle of joy, i neva thought i will be able to love her as much as i love Pepsi but i think i do, it took sum time but i really do now and cant think of her not being in my life. 🙂

Play day!

Hellooo all Today has been a busy busy day, I was over at my dads n decided to give Pepsi n coffee a bath. I cudnt take a pic of pepsi but this is how coffee luked after the bath


All fluffed n groomed, pepsi n coffee waited for their friend Rudy, my frirnds pomaranian. We usually get our dogs socialized so they r all good friends now.
The moment our bell rang Pepsi n coffee went crazy, jumping up n down, cudnt contain their excitement n jumped on rudy to greet him wen I opened the door. Rudy too was so happy to see the girls. He is more friendly with coffee maybe coz they both r of the same age, pepsi being the oldie does not like to be all energetic like them so she just sits aside n watches coffee n rudy running after eachother n playing. I got a chance to take their pic while I made tea in the kitchen, all three of them came n sat at the kitchen entrance, expecting to get some goodies


They all luked soooo adorable 🙂
After a couple of hours of play, coffee n rudy dozed off :p



After sleepy Rudy left, pepsi n coffee took turns in cuddling with their toy teddy bear




Playing all day, now both r deep in sleep hehe:) I had a lovely day, especially after watching my babies play with their friend n then retire off to lalaland 🙂

How was ur day?

New Arrival… Coffee 16th July 2012

Hello all

First of all i am really sorry for not posting much in this past month, was caught up with some stuff, but now hopefully i shall be more regular at posting 🙂

Alot has happened during this time. The major change is that i gave back shifu (the white russian samoyd pup) and on 16th july bought a poodle pup, who apparently is a bigger breed. I mean at 3 months she was as big as my 8 year old poodle. It took me a long time in accepting the fact that this is a pup (coz i have neva kept any big breed, so for me a pup is a much smaller version that i can carry in my hand).


I also realized that she has a bad habbit of dripping water after drinking, and she likes to wet her paws all the time which made it very difficult for me to manage initially. and i got irritated, thought may be i made another mistake by getting her. and maybe i should have waited it out till i would have gotten sumthing better, but then again how would have i known about her habbits untill i had her. The thought of selling her off did occur to me but i gave my self a period of a month to see if i can get adjusted to the (big pup) idea and manage her water habbit. Finally i came with a solution and removed water from her front, now i go out (yup out) to give her water every 2 hours, also i bought a water bottle so that she can lick it when ever she is thirsty but i think she dosnt like it much as to get alot of amount of water she would have to lick much more. but atleast that had put me on ease that she is not left out without water. yes she would not have a whole bowl to dig her face and paws in and splash water all over but when needed she can have licks of water.

I was too busy the entire month of Ramadan and couldnt give her much time, so uptilll now she only sits and shakes hand on command, she dosnt come or do any thing else on command YET ( i dont blame her). now that i have more time in hand i shall start with her proper trainning and hopefully we should reach on a good routine based on mutual respect and response 😀

We named her coffee, which now we think suits her way too much, shes active and very energetic, just like a coffee effect 🙂 she is 4.5 months old right now and i just noticed today that she lost her front teeth (my baby is growing up) 😀

As the time passed with her offcourse i got attached to her. She is like this big stupid teddy bear who would just jump into ur lap and wants to play hehe. She and pepsi gets along pretty well too, they play and fight and compete in eating food, its fun to watch them interact with eachother. she tends to bring out the puppiness in my 8 year old 🙂

Besides play all she does is sleep, no matter how many times i pick my camera to click her i mostly find her sleeping: P


ooooo and she does not bark at any one 😀 *big happy smile at that point* she luks so adorable when my neighbors pass by her and all she does is look at them with her head tilted to a side, i shall soon get a pic of her in that position n post that too. its some thing like this usually, just a DUH look on her face:P


My decision to get another dog was purely based on gettin a companion and a company for Pepsi. but at times i feel maybe i shouldnt have. Coz i see my self not giving pepsi as much attention as i used to. I see her looking at me with those eyes that question me for more time. I really hope that once coffee is trained fully i will b able to give equal time to both. coz for now i have already wasted a month of coffee’s training time, i cant loose any more.


All in all no matter how hard i feel at times to manage both, i am still happy that i bought her 🙂 Am really happy that I got another poodle. She is a total sweetheart and has completely won my heart with her crazy, naughty acts:D