Surprise surprise (Labor) indetail

Ps: guys can ignore this indetail labor post.

I wrote this earlier but now finding time to post

Although I had read about it, but they say when the time comes you forget every thing lol

34 weeks down the preggy lane I had been pretty off home cooked food so I ordered food for continuously 2-3 days. Went for my doc’s appointment on 22Aug Wednesday. All was good she told me to come back in two weeks wid an ultrasound.
Thursday midnight onwards I started having intestinal cramps and I thought oh no so much for junk food. The cramps were so bad dat wid every cramps I could see the baby was being disturbed too n made too many movements. Thursday morning onwards she didnt make any move n I thought she must hav gotten tired too
Evening onwards she was back to her normal mini movements.
It took half friday (23aug) for the cramps to settle after me taking med for the spasms. I was feeling alot better by Friday evening n at night I didn’t want to eat anything heavy, perhaps rest my tummy so I only had milk.
Saturday (24aug) early morning i started having weird cramps that woke me up every hour. They were in abdomen and I thought oh no the infection from my small intestines hav gone to my large intestine
It felt like a bowl movement as if I really wanna go every hour but my every trip to washroom was a waste. I even msgd my doc n askd if I should continue to take med for spasms, she said no get admitted if they get bad n I replied, ok they r bearable for now.
Thanks to diarrhea my 48.5 weight went down to 45 in two days. My friends gave me a surprise baby shower Saturday evening, we had a blast n I kept ignoring slight “cramps” thinking these r just false pain.
I wud feel better wen I’d walk, but feel miserable n got the cramps more often wen I would sit or lay down.
Sunday 25aug: I felt the intensity going a lil bad but everyone kept telling me these r false. Sonce the doc had given me the date between 29th sep to 6th Oct. By now wid every cramp i wud feel my lower back being literally stabbed so by afternoon I told hubby to take me to hospital. They did my CTG n the baby’s heartbeat was good n the graph showd no ‘contraction or pain’ I told them bout my cramps n they sed if u had real pains the graph wud show. So I came back home wid mt “false contractions”.  The pain started to worsen
By night I started to feel as if my lower back has been pulled in sides by a elastic band n every cramp is like some one is playing guitar on those strings. Like a constant stabbing n God it was hurting.
Sunday night was the worst. Monday 26th aug, midnight onwards I started feeling it much more n wen I timed I was getting cramps every 6 minutes id cry wid every cramp n my hubby got up every time to keep his hand on the side of my hip for a soothing effect. (Poor guy)
Monday morning I cried n told my hubby to let’s go get ultrasound done n tell my doc to stop pain I cant bear this for a month till my due date.
The ultrasound showed dat the baby’s head is really down.  My doc had an evening clinic on Monday so i  went home again wondering if this is false pain how bad will b the real ones. After that I couldnt even walk properly felt pressure between my legs. I was actually walking like a penguin lol
Evening wen I sat in the car i felt a lil wetness n thot oo u get it in the last month so no biggie.  I had 3 cramps in the car, 2 while I waited for the lift at the hospital. Lol I went in as normally I wud, got my bp n weight chk n sat in waiting for my turn
Had 3 cramps then. Even the women sitting beside me askd if I was ok n I sed yes just cramps
I had 3 patients before me in line. Thank God my doc got out for a round, saw my drained n exhausted face n eyes tightly shut n askd wat happened to u I sed pains she sed go lie in my room
She came n chkd me leaving me in excruciating pain n instantly sed am admitting u, hubby thot its just for observation she sed shez gonna deliver :O
I had gone wid a mind frame to just ask for a med so this pain wud stop. Wasnt ready for such a preterm delivery
I had told my best friend dat weneva is time I will try natural before asking for epidural but being in that condition for two days, feeling my back stabbed, wen they took me to the labor room n askd if I want epidural I told them only if u promise that this pain will go, plz yessss.
I was changed n taken into labor room, I got the epidural n aftr a lil while of shivering I was in the lalaland… :p the doc came n after a few preparations I was askd to push. I cud hear baby’s heart beat on the monitor.
The doc sed ooo I can see the head n the other second her expressions changed. I had stopd contracting wid the baby half way here. Babys heaetbeat started to drop… even though I had gotten an episiotomy but wen the beat fainted to almost nothing my doctor used the forceps n pulled her out n sed flat baby (I had no idea wat dat meant so I was holding my breath to hear her cry) my episiotomy got extended (ouch). The pediatrician worked on her n it was after 10 freakishly long minutes that she started crying n wid dat I let out my tears of relief.
Thanks to my doc for allowing my hubby to b wid me n big Thanks to my dear husband who stood by me holding my hand all thru the process being my ultimate support. I totally love him for this. (Where I live most docs don’t allow anyone in delivery room)
Being a 8 weeks preemi n only weighing 1.6 kg, she was rushd to the nursery. the doctor said we will keep her for atleast 8-10 days.
That was 26th Aug. Today (wen I wrote this on a notepad) 2nd sep, we r still at the hospital. She is still in the incubator and I M getting hot sit baths for my stitches which is now getting better. But I still cannot sit.
Finally on 4th sep me n baby Tanisha came home :))

I know my post hass gone too long but just thought to write the details so that any n every one can benefit from it….. so if ur preggy n getting abdomenal cramps… go get chkd it might just b real contractions.


Preggy Updates


I have been thinking to write some thing about my  pregnancy for soo long but have been either busy or lazy or just lay off laptop. i know i said i will write updates and this and that, n but honestly most of the days i don’t even feel like sitting on net, i’d just check emails from my cell n that’s about good for me.  So finally i gathered enough will to write atleast some thing hehe

To begin with no matter how much i wanted to get pregnant i had NO idea this is what i will have to go through. you must be thinking am talking about all the symptoms women usually crib about but i was seriously lucky to not go through most of them. for instance i had absolutely no morning sickness, nausea or any of this first trimester monsters that most women dread about. i was eating n sleeping fine, infact if my Mom in law wudnt tell me to be careful and rest i’d forget half of the times that i am even pregnant lol
First trimester went by like the blink of an eye. Second trimester definitely brought some symptoms like the sciatic pain in my right leg (Oh god it was bad), itchiness and feeling hot as hell was. and then came a time when i cudnt even eat an egg for breakfast coz i wud instantly break into sweat for the rest of the day. so no more eggs for me for breakfast, i shifted to butter n bread only to realize that the burning sensation i get in my left chest is not my gall bladder instead is a heartburn LOL initially i thought i had gall stones lol. also i know i would have to get new cloths for my self just wasn’t sure when until this happened 😛
ImageSo i got my self some loose shirts made from tailor that i could wear n be comfortable in without feeling too much itchy n hot.

Now 30 weeks past, sitting in my 3rd trimester the symptoms i feel are itchiness (LOADS OF IT), feeling hot, heartburn and at times a little difficulty in sleeping especially when my lil one is sitting on one side.

Well the reason i thought of writing this post today was to share the great news that i finally went shopping


I had been wanting to start shopping right after my 3rd month but i wanted to wait a lil longer, just to be sure, just to be on a safer side n just till i am sure of what colors i wanna get. That too took way too longer then i expected coz every time i’d go for an ultrasound the baby’s position wasnt “favorable” as i was told. It was a relief when finally i found out, but for every one else, they gotta wait till the baby is finally here 😀 that shall be another happy post on my blog, i dont promise an instant posting since i dunno how my routine will get but will make sure i announce it as soon as i can.


During the last two months i also attended stitching classes, just thought an added skill wont hurt, it was only 8 classes crash course n i sorta learnt the basics of how to do pants and a simple shirt. not that i plan to make baby cloths but I had always wanted to learn stitching and this seemed like the perfect time to keep my mind off my self and get busy with some thing constructive. I do need alot more practice but i’;ve gotten the ropes so yayyy

Finally came the shopping days 😀 First i had gone with my mom in law to just chk out things and prices, then i went n got cloths, loads of them,even though every one tells me they get wasted coz baby grows outta it, but how can u resist those adorable lil cloths n body suits now can u???? (A).

I love the fact of how organized i am lol. Like even when i was getting married i had boughts my cloth atleast 4 months ahead of time and gotten them stitched when i still had 2 months left. I like to keep prepared before time, i hate to run around in a rush, and forget impt things in process

ImageSo while i had nothing else to do, i made a list of times i will need categorizing them into bedding, bathing, grooming, cloths, traveling and additional accessories. and i listed things under each category that i wanted with the amount of each item i will need. This way when i went shopping all i did was chk out every item i would get and in the end i had a clear picture of what all is left.I got most accessories like cloths n blankets, wrapping sheets, nail clippers etc., will get bigger stuff like crib n baby stuff drawers n car seat n other things like those, start of 9th month.


As the time is passing now, am getting more n more excited, tired and impatient. I cannot wait to have my lil one in my arms, get off all the irritating symptoms and feel normal again, ready to begin a new chapter of life but at the same time i am really enjoying this time that i have while the baby is still in there. I love watching its movements and kicks and at times we play games too, our fav for now is knock n respond hehe i knock n the baby responds. So now that am mostly done wid my shopping and most things on my agenda list, i am going to sit back and enjoy this one month before i begin shopping for big items. For now i shall drink alot of water, milk and sleep as much as i can . 🙂

I honestly have no idea when i will write a post again but i think i have covered almost every thing in this one till now. So till you guys get a new update from me, enjoy this post n keep praying for all to go well for me & my lil one 🙂

Way too Hyper


I used to think i will be so kewl and this n that when i get pregnant, but today for the first time i cud feel the effects of it on me, n trust me they were not pleasant  I had to go shopping, get my self sum turkey slices so i can make my self sum yummy sandwiches when i want and i LOVE shopping. I went to this new mall that has opened last year that has a sorta departmental store, n i love going there even if its just to look at things, but today, i think i was way too hyper, n my nerves were so sensitive, just pushing that trolley felt like such an effort, i thot pushing will be better then me picking a small basket n going around with the weight but arghh that trolley was way too much of work lol, n then i wanted to get it all done quickly coz hubby needed the car, so hyper-ness plus the quickness made it worse. i felt my cheeks flushing n warm. i walked from one corner to another to pick the turkey slices, they only had one brand of dressing so i didn’t pick it, i like american garden better then wat that new brand was, plus i like options. i picked iceberg lettuce, cheese n brown bread n then heeded for the counter. billed, paid n off in the car, then i stopped at the movie store since its the weekend n i wanted to have a good stock of movies i wanna watch when i feel like

LOL this pregnancy has made me way too selfish n weird i was never like this 😛 anyways so i picked like 10 movies, then headed to this another store to get thousand island light dressing, also picked corn flakes, n tang lemon pepper juice coz the weather is getting way too hot here so its good to have sumthing like this handy.

I also had to pick my sister in law on the way back from a shopping mall but she still needed more time, so i stopped at the near by subway to catch a breath (not that i was on foot) but i NEEDED to calm my self down, so i ordered my self a turkey breast 6 inch, n gave my self a lil pep talk, kept telling my self to calm down, all this while my nerves felt like they will shred into pieces. i have no idea y i was getting soo hyper. but i felt alot better after the sub n as soon as i finished my last bite my sister in law called tht she is done n i shud come pick her, only took me 2 minutes to reach her n finally within a few minutes i was home.
So the point of writing this whole thing down is that this hyper-ness is soo new to me, it freaked me out, i thot i will have a nervous break down, i hated to feel my nerves pulsating so hard at my temples. May b next time if the car is needed i wil not make any plans for my self unless its all for me. n may b i can start to do a lil relaxing exercises but i get lazy although i feel they will help me in the end too.

I really hope i learn to relax soon :))