I have been thinking for some time now n finally got my self to write this post. i decided to not wait to write about my Thailand trip, instead, start blogging with my dairy n wat not, random posts n stuff…. Thailand i can write about along the way with time, coz this way i am wasting time and not posting any thing either and sooo much has happened during this time, some good some bad some sad and i NEED to share it all. now hopefully i will begin to write regularly LOL ok dat feels like a joke now coz i keep saying it and still i lazy around here n there and do every thing but post. i really hope i can b regular though. i miss writing and i miss sharing and most of all i miss having it all outta my system.

So big hopes and fingers crossed, i shall be back soon with the latest and more 🙂
hugs to all my readers and sorry to keep u waiting for so long.



Stand Tall


And once again I stand tall
No matter how many times i fall
Despite all the pain i”ve been thru
Despite all the hurts caused by u
I stand to gather one last chance
Waiting for one special last dance
— by Tya

“Answers to your love”


If i ever had known myself
I would have answered to ur love
But am too much confused
Too unorganized n disturbed
I wish if i had known myself
I would have answered you
Then and there
It would’nt have taken that long
I would’nt have kept you waiting
If i had ever known myself
You wouldn’t have been sad & crying
I wouldn’t have been down
things would have been cleared before
If only i had known myself

28th Oct 97′